Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cold April Showers + New Laptop and New Trench

Well, I finally caved and bought a brand new laptop the other day.  My old one was sooooo slow and the screen kept randomly going black on me.  I blame my stupid old computer for my lack of posting and commenting over the past couple months.  So glad I finally have a shiny new laptop!

It's been a cold and rainy week.  Depressing, yes.  But I found the silver lining in the situation by getting to wear my new trenchcoat this week.  I found this Guess trench on last month.  It was on sale, plus I had a Macy's card member discount to use and a gift card, so basically I could not pass this cutie up.  I was worried it wouldn't fit (since it was from the junior's department), but when it arrived I was ecstatic to find that it fits perfectly.  I adore the feminine ruffles along the bottom!  Plus, it nips in at the waist in the perfect spot, has nice tortoiseshell buttons, and even a detachable hood.  It's the exact neutral khaki color I was looking for and the material is thick enough for some warmth.  Even though the fabric doesn't look like it, it's slighty slippery so it's water repelent.  The numerous compliments I've received this week made me feel really good about this find.  It definitely made me feel a little more cheerful this week despite the icky rainy weather.

On a sidenote, the picture above marks a huge occasion.  It was the second time EVER that I actually asked my hubby to take my picture for me.  I know all my mirror photos with my camera or iPhone really aren't the best, but I just feel too embarrassed to ask him to take my pictures.  The only reason I asked him to this time is because I didn't know how else to show off the cute ruffle on the bottom of my coat!  He knows about my blog and that I take pictures of myself to post on it, but he laughed at me about it the first time I told him!!  He just doesn't get it, but has since then apologized for making fun of me and at least understands enough to know it's just a fun hobby for me.  However, I'm still embarrassed to even have him see me taking pics of myself, let alone asking him to take photos of me.  He, of course, willingly agreed for this pic, but I would never make a regular habit of asking him.  Perhaps I should invest in a tripod soon.....

My question to all of you is - if you have a blog, does your significant other know?  If so, how does he feel about it?  Those blog readers only, does your significant other know you read and comment on blogs?


  1. What a cute, cute trench! Great buy!

    My husband does not know about my blog, and I haven't told him about it because I know he wouldn't understand. He's made comments in the past about how fashion bloggers seem to be vain and egotistical (which is not the case at all) and I tried to make him understand how it's a helpful thing for us shoppers. Sigh...anyway. I totally understand your hesitation about your hubby taking your pics! He does know that I'm at least "involved" in the blog world by reading and commenting.

  2. My husband not only knows about my blog but encourages me to keep it up. I've been blogging for almost five years and he has been very supportive. He also takes most of my outfit/review pictures. I do all my food/baking shots.