Friday, December 10, 2010

OOTD: First snowfall

Hi readers!  I have definitely been MIA for a while.  Still getting the hang of this whole blogging thing.....  Promise I'll try to do better so I can keep your interest :)
My casual Friday OOTD was inspired by the first snowfall of the least the first snowfall where anything really stuck to the ground!  The white splotches on this blouse remind me of snowflakes and for some reason, pale blue always reminds me of snow and winter time in general.  Plus, I chose to wear a pair of Anthro earrings that are really flowers but also remind me of snowflakes because of the light blue center stones surrounded by glistening rhinestones.

Blouse: INC International Concepts (Macy's)
Cardigan: New York & Company Chelsea Cardigan in Aqua Power Heather
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks- Purse in chestnut
Necklace: diamond pendant (gift from my husband)
Earrings: Anthropologie (similar here herehere, and here)
We're supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow night into Sunday!  As long as it's clear on Monday, I plan to make a trip down to Anthro for some dressing room reviews and to use my birthday discount!  Stay tuned.....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ruffles and Ribbons and Bows, oh my!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  I've been off since Wednesday and I must admit, I've been pretty lazy the past couple of days.  We stayed in town and spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family.  This is the first year ever that I haven't gone to my parents' house for turkey day.  It felt kind of strange, but at the same time it was nice to relax Wednesday evening instead of making the long drive and fighting traffic.  I didn't leave the house on Black Friday other than to go to dinner and a movie with husband.  We saw "Due Date."  There were some funny parts and it was nice to get out of the house, but we both agreed it wasn't really worth the $8.50 per ticket.  Oh well!  Today was another lazy day (it's too cold and windy to venture out!)  I was naughty and did some online shopping today for myself (I couldn't resist a couple major deals!).  I'll be posting more about those purchases later....

During my lazy internet-surfing-filled last few days, I realized that I don't own a navy pair of shoes and I NEED some.  I'd prefer some navy flats.  Lately I've been wearing more heels, but I still mostly wear flats.  Seems that lately I've been wearing a lot of outfits with navy or that would look good with navy shoes.
So, I stalked out Zappos the other day searching for a cute pair.  Out of 59 navy flats, these are the ones that jumped out at me........

Cute, right???  The ruffled ribbon, the adorable bow, and the detail on the toe?  These are the navy flats I've been dreaming of!  Then I caught a glance at the price.........on SALE for $360!?!?  *sigh* Guess my quest for the perfect navy flats continues...but after seeing these I don't know if anything will compare!  Any recommendations for cute navy flats?  Or better yet, has anyone seen anything similar to these, only WAY cheaper?

Monday, November 22, 2010

New items sneaking in to taunt me

Over the weekend I was stalking, I mean, checking out the Anthropologie website and came across some new items to drool over.

First of all, there are tons of new necklaces that I adore.  If you've been reading my blog, you should know by now how much I LOVE necklaces :)  Here are my favs!
Crumpled Rainbow Necklace - $48
Love the colorful charm!

Looking Glass Necklace - $48
So vintage and chic!

 Winter Sparks Necklace - $48
They hit the nail on the head with the name "Winter Spark."  I can imagine wearing this necklace with a little black dress at a holiday party or with a sweater during the chills of winter.

There are also several new dresses that caught my eye. .....
New Years Tweed Dress - $268
What a perfect New Years Dress (again, perfect naming techniques Anthro!)  I'm a little offended they only decided to offer this dress in sizes 2 - 10.  The fact that I'm sized out and the steep price tag are probably blessings in disguise to prevent me from snatching it up.

Seasides Fields Dress - $138
Not a new dress, but a new color scheme!  LOVE the teal and purple paisley combo...must check it out in person next time I'm in the store.

And some tops......
Blooms of Yesteryear Blouse - $198
Very unique, but alas the price is way out of my league.

Thornbury Tank - $118
Love the feminine flair and soft lilac color.  Plus, it looks pretty damn comfy.
Love it!  So colorful and fun.

I love the anticipation of Monday nights....waiting to see what will go on sale the next day.  I'm hoping for a good sale tomorrow, but I've promised myself that there are only 3 items I will buy if any of them go on sale:

Haven't been able to stop thinking about this since I tried it on last week!!!

I've been admiring this dress online for quite some time.  It would be perfect to wear to the wedding I'm going to on New Year's Eve!

I bet I'm not the only one praying these go on sale soon!  I've never owned a pair of brown boots and have been searching for the perfect pair.  None of the ones I've seen even compare to these pretties!

I'll be doing the sale dance for these tonight!!!  What are you praying goes on sale this week?

Friday, November 19, 2010

All Mixed Up {Pessinus Garden Necklace re-mixed + OOTD}

Anyone else fans of the band 311?  My husband and I are obsessed with them.  Blog title popped into my head because it's the name of one of their most popular songs.  Plus it's a way to describe my new Anthropologie necklace purchase!

I picked this lovely piece up when I was in the store on Monday.  One reason I went to the store was to return the Either-Ore Necklace that I had fallen in love with online.  Didn't love it so much in person only because it actually has bright red beads added in (there's NO red in the online product shot).  Anyways, when I saw this necklace I forgot all about my disappointment with the Either-Ore.  I knew this one was meant to be mine.  It's a more delicate version of the Pessinus Garden Necklace (see my previous blog post about it - it's one of my FAV necklaces ever).  This is not on the website, so that made it even more discovering a secret treasure.  It comes in both gold and silver, but the gold was an easy decision for me since I have the Pessinus Garden Necklace in silver.  If you look closely, this necklace has almost all the pieces of the PG necklace but they are just strung on a delicate chain.  SO happy I found this!!!

                              Pessinus Garden Necklace            VS.                 "Delicate Garden" Necklace

That brings us to my OOTD.  I've been out sick the past few days, so I dressed up a little more today than I normally would on a Friday.  Wearing pjs for the past 2 days straight had put me in a funk!  What better way to make myself feel better than to wear 3 new items in one day!?  People at work commented on how I looked cute, but must have thought I still had a fever since I don't usually wear dresses to work (especially on a Friday and especially after being sick this week!)  Oh well, it definitely helped improve my mood :)

Cardigan: Anthropologie Dwarf Quince Cardigan
Dress: Calvin Klein Jeans denim smocked dress (from Macy's)
Belt: LOFT
Tights: Banana Republic
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks - Purse (now on sale at!)
Necklace: Anthropologie "Delicate Garden" Necklace

Yep, I wore my new necklace, the Dwarf Quince Cardigan that I scored on sale from Anthro on Monday, AND my new Indigo by Clarks shoes.  In my review post about these shoes, I mentioned that I was pretty sure I was going to return them.  Obviously I changed my mind and I'm so glad I did!  I really love these shoes and they go with so much!
Have a good weekend and thanks for reading!  :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More dressing room reviews: blouses & tops!

 First up is the Deuxhill Cowlneck - $88
I really wanted to see the navy print, but they didn't have it at my store.  So, I grabbed the black print (which I must say is really gorgeous IRL) in size 12.  Now, I know this blouse is supposed to be flowy, but this felt way too I was wearing a maternity shirt.

So, I had the SA get me the next two smaller sizes.
You may not be able to tell the difference in my photos, but I think the size 10 felt and looked a lot better.

And a close up of the pretty black motif print & button details on the cowlneck.  The silk material is so smooth!

I also had the SA grab me a size 8 and she brought it in the purple.  Never would have picked this color on my own, but I do really love the purple on me!  The 8 still fit, just lost some of it's flowiness and the sleeves got a little shorter.  So, as far as sizing goes I definitely recommend going down 1 or 2 sizes. 
Decided to add my belt for the heck of it and I must say, I like the look of it!  Black, navy, and purple are wishlisted for now and once I decide which color/print I like most I'll probably cave and buy one.

I tried on a size large first.  I didn't post any pictures of it because it was a huge, sloppy mess on me.  This is the size medium and it fit much better!  Definitely size down on this one!  The material is pretty thin and stretchy, but not cheap looking.  I love the soft lavender color.  This would be a great layering piece.

Love the details on the neckline - many different soft colors and textures.
I really like this top, but I don't NEED it.  Especially not for the high price tag.  Another item for my sale wishlist!

This tank was one of the first things to catch my eye when the new November items arrived on the website.  I like the funky floral + leopardy polka dot prints on the neutral brown background.  This seems to fit TTS - I'm wearing a size large.  This was just "eh" for me in person.  A very comfy jersy knit with a unique pattern, but a pass for me.

This caught my eye online recently because I love pink, polka dots, and buttons.  I was happy to find it tucked on a bottom shelf at the store.  I really really liked this in person and was *this close* to buying it, but restrained myself at the last minute.  Looking back at my photos, I really don't love it on me so I'm very happy I didn't pay full price for this.  I do still like the button details and the tiny polka dot pattern....maybe I'll reconsider when it goes on sale.  By the way, this runs true to size (I'm wearing a L).

Runs TTS - I'm wearing a large and the bottom portion is a little longer and flowy.  Tried the medium which was a little more fitted, but I think this shirt is supposed to be worn looser.  Love the decorative neckline with a tiny bit of sequin sparkle.  Not a huge fan of the cap sleeves on me...wish it was sleeveless.  A pass for me, but who knows how I'll feel if it reaches the sale rack.

Been wanting this for a while and when I saw the M was sold out and there were only 2 L left, I caved and ordered a large (along with a couple other things to get free shipping of course!).  Well, I should have listened to the reviews, because the large was HUGE.  I took it to my store to return it and they had one medium left.  The SA said this has been flying off the shelves.  I tried it on just in case and it's perfect.  Forgot to take a pic of it by itself, but here it is layered under the cardi I came in wearing.  love, Love, LOVE it!  Never thought I'd ever spend this much $$$ on a cami but this one is well worth the price.  I know I'll get a lot of use out of it and that it will help transform many outfits by pairing it under shorter cardis or sweaters.  Can't wait to wear this one :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Anthro Dressing Room Review Ever!

Since I had Monday off, I took a road trip to the closest Anthropologie.  I spent over 2 hours looking around and trying things on (is that normal??).  All of a sudden I realized that the time on my parking meter had probably long run out, so I left and put more money in and then came back!!  Wow.  Anyway, here are a few dressing room reviews.  Please excuse my subpar photos.  Guess I need more practice taking good pictures in the mirror (or a new camera!).

Awaiting Wings Dress - $158
I never really noticed this dress online before, but it caught my eye in the store.  I really like the colorful pattern and ruffling v-neck of the top blouse part.  I like the fact that the skirt part is navy - I think it would go so well with so many cardigans. 
I normally wear a dress size 12 or 14.  This is a size 14 and it was definitely too big!  It wasn't fitted enough on top and it hung down way too far under my armpits.  It buldged out too much around the hips.  Unfortunately, the store was out of both size 10 and 12, so I couldn't see if those would work better.  I do love the pencil skirt shape of the bottom of the dress and the pockets of course!  The length hit me just below the knee....I imagine that in the right size it may be a little shorter.  Wish I could have tried this on in a smaller size, but I'm still wishlisting this to consider come sale time!  I personally don't think this one is worth full price.

Hellebore Sweater Skirt - $118
There have already been many reviews of this skirt in the blogging world.  So, I will just second what everyone has said.  It does run large, so size down on this one.  The color is not quite as mustard yellow in real life as it appears online.  It's more of a neutral yellow with a brownish tint.  The length is also shorter than it appears online.  It hit me just above the knee. 
I originally ordered this online in a large (see first 2 pics).  It was just too wide and bunched out too much on the sides (totally NOT flattering). 

I didn't want to give up on this skirt, so I tried on the medium in the store and it fit MUCH better.  However, I didn't love it enough for the price so I returned it.  I'll reconsider the size medium if it goes on sale.  Especially because I think it looks cute with the next two cardis I tried on......

Beaded Eglantine Cardigan - $128
I'm a sucker for cardigans and this one is no exception.  Tried on the "dark grey" (which is definitely more taupe/tan in person) in a size large.  It was pretty tight in the arms and across my chest and it is also semi-cropped, so I would size up in this one for a more comfortable fit.  LOVE the neutral color and the gorgeous chiffon flowers with beads.  If this were slightly less expensive, I'd scoop it up now.  But I don't LOVE it enough to bear the $128 price tag.  I'll be a good girl and wait impatiently for sale time.

In For A Frill Cardigan - $128
Why, oh why, do I have to fall for the "over $100" cardis?!?  This is such a pretty cardigan with feminine details.  I love the lacey v-neck trim and color.  So sophisticated chic!  The crocheted v-pattern is also in the back (see my awkward shot trying to capture the back detail, lol!)  The gorgeous cream color would go with everything!  This sweater runs TTS, even a little small.  The large fit me comfortably.  The medium also works, but is just a little more fitted.  The fabric is SOOO soft and comfortable!  Not at all itchy.  My only complaint is that it's slightly see through (you can see my brown cami underneath)...nothing a nude colored cami underneath couldn't fix or a cute shirt underneath that you want to show!  Wishlisted for sale so I'll just have to try and be patient.  *Sigh* I heart pretty cardigans.

Steamed Cappuccino Cardi - $98
I've been admiring this online for a long time now, so I was thrilled to see they had it at my store.  I grabbed the moss in a size large.  It is a lightweight cotton material.  It fit TTS.........however, I was severely disappointed in how it looked on me in real life.  Yuck!  It flairs out at the bottom and made my hips look extremely wide.  I usually adore ruffles, but they were just too much paired with the thin stripes and didn't do anything for me.  I didn't get a picture of the back, but the ruffles gather together with elastic pleats and looked terrible on me!  This was immediately taken off my wishlist, but perhaps it would flatter someone else.  I'm thinking it may look cute on a more petite gal?

Talavera Cardigan - $60 (on sale & no longer available online)
A cardi I'd never paid attention to online, but in real life it's wonderful!  Very colorful and flattering.  It runs large, so I'd recommend sizing down.  The medium fit me perfectly.  When I was there on Monday, this was not on sale so I passed on it.  If I had know it would go on sale the very next day I probably would have bought it!

Oh well, at least I scored this on sale :)
Dwarf Quince Cardigan - $49.95 (no longer available online)
This lovely cardigan went on sale a couple weeks ago.  I waited too long to order and all of a sudden it was sold out!  I couldn't stop thinking about it and luckily my store still had some in the sale section.  I'd never tried it on before and I was thrilled to see how lovely it was in real life!  Needless to say, I took this home with me :)
I feel so pretty in this.  The floral print is so pretty & vintage and the tiny traces of gold in it make it so chic.  I'd highly recommend checking your local store's sale section for this beauty!  Can't wait to wear it!

I hope you enjoyed my first dressing room review!  I'm open to any suggestion about how to make my future reviews better (including camera skill tips and techniques, lol!)  I'll be back tomorrow with some blouses and tees.