Thursday, November 18, 2010

More dressing room reviews: blouses & tops!

 First up is the Deuxhill Cowlneck - $88
I really wanted to see the navy print, but they didn't have it at my store.  So, I grabbed the black print (which I must say is really gorgeous IRL) in size 12.  Now, I know this blouse is supposed to be flowy, but this felt way too I was wearing a maternity shirt.

So, I had the SA get me the next two smaller sizes.
You may not be able to tell the difference in my photos, but I think the size 10 felt and looked a lot better.

And a close up of the pretty black motif print & button details on the cowlneck.  The silk material is so smooth!

I also had the SA grab me a size 8 and she brought it in the purple.  Never would have picked this color on my own, but I do really love the purple on me!  The 8 still fit, just lost some of it's flowiness and the sleeves got a little shorter.  So, as far as sizing goes I definitely recommend going down 1 or 2 sizes. 
Decided to add my belt for the heck of it and I must say, I like the look of it!  Black, navy, and purple are wishlisted for now and once I decide which color/print I like most I'll probably cave and buy one.

I tried on a size large first.  I didn't post any pictures of it because it was a huge, sloppy mess on me.  This is the size medium and it fit much better!  Definitely size down on this one!  The material is pretty thin and stretchy, but not cheap looking.  I love the soft lavender color.  This would be a great layering piece.

Love the details on the neckline - many different soft colors and textures.
I really like this top, but I don't NEED it.  Especially not for the high price tag.  Another item for my sale wishlist!

This tank was one of the first things to catch my eye when the new November items arrived on the website.  I like the funky floral + leopardy polka dot prints on the neutral brown background.  This seems to fit TTS - I'm wearing a size large.  This was just "eh" for me in person.  A very comfy jersy knit with a unique pattern, but a pass for me.

This caught my eye online recently because I love pink, polka dots, and buttons.  I was happy to find it tucked on a bottom shelf at the store.  I really really liked this in person and was *this close* to buying it, but restrained myself at the last minute.  Looking back at my photos, I really don't love it on me so I'm very happy I didn't pay full price for this.  I do still like the button details and the tiny polka dot pattern....maybe I'll reconsider when it goes on sale.  By the way, this runs true to size (I'm wearing a L).

Runs TTS - I'm wearing a large and the bottom portion is a little longer and flowy.  Tried the medium which was a little more fitted, but I think this shirt is supposed to be worn looser.  Love the decorative neckline with a tiny bit of sequin sparkle.  Not a huge fan of the cap sleeves on me...wish it was sleeveless.  A pass for me, but who knows how I'll feel if it reaches the sale rack.

Been wanting this for a while and when I saw the M was sold out and there were only 2 L left, I caved and ordered a large (along with a couple other things to get free shipping of course!).  Well, I should have listened to the reviews, because the large was HUGE.  I took it to my store to return it and they had one medium left.  The SA said this has been flying off the shelves.  I tried it on just in case and it's perfect.  Forgot to take a pic of it by itself, but here it is layered under the cardi I came in wearing.  love, Love, LOVE it!  Never thought I'd ever spend this much $$$ on a cami but this one is well worth the price.  I know I'll get a lot of use out of it and that it will help transform many outfits by pairing it under shorter cardis or sweaters.  Can't wait to wear this one :)

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  1. The purple cowlneck looks great, especially with the belt! I think I have it wishlisted in purple and turquoise. Thanks for the review on that, now I know to size down :)

    I have been waiting for the Lavaliere top to go on sale for ages... the price is just too steep for that kind of top for me, but if it goes on sale I am snatching it!!