Monday, November 22, 2010

New items sneaking in to taunt me

Over the weekend I was stalking, I mean, checking out the Anthropologie website and came across some new items to drool over.

First of all, there are tons of new necklaces that I adore.  If you've been reading my blog, you should know by now how much I LOVE necklaces :)  Here are my favs!
Crumpled Rainbow Necklace - $48
Love the colorful charm!

Looking Glass Necklace - $48
So vintage and chic!

 Winter Sparks Necklace - $48
They hit the nail on the head with the name "Winter Spark."  I can imagine wearing this necklace with a little black dress at a holiday party or with a sweater during the chills of winter.

There are also several new dresses that caught my eye. .....
New Years Tweed Dress - $268
What a perfect New Years Dress (again, perfect naming techniques Anthro!)  I'm a little offended they only decided to offer this dress in sizes 2 - 10.  The fact that I'm sized out and the steep price tag are probably blessings in disguise to prevent me from snatching it up.

Seasides Fields Dress - $138
Not a new dress, but a new color scheme!  LOVE the teal and purple paisley combo...must check it out in person next time I'm in the store.

And some tops......
Blooms of Yesteryear Blouse - $198
Very unique, but alas the price is way out of my league.

Thornbury Tank - $118
Love the feminine flair and soft lilac color.  Plus, it looks pretty damn comfy.
Love it!  So colorful and fun.

I love the anticipation of Monday nights....waiting to see what will go on sale the next day.  I'm hoping for a good sale tomorrow, but I've promised myself that there are only 3 items I will buy if any of them go on sale:

Haven't been able to stop thinking about this since I tried it on last week!!!

I've been admiring this dress online for quite some time.  It would be perfect to wear to the wedding I'm going to on New Year's Eve!

I bet I'm not the only one praying these go on sale soon!  I've never owned a pair of brown boots and have been searching for the perfect pair.  None of the ones I've seen even compare to these pretties!

I'll be doing the sale dance for these tonight!!!  What are you praying goes on sale this week?


  1. The Winter Sparks necklace is gorgeous! So elegant. I was really happy to see several Anthro aprons go on sale because I was planning to pick up some for different people as Christmas presents! The Lustrous Lavaliere shirt also went on sale... weighing whether I want to grab it or pray for a second cut.

  2. So many pretty things in this post! I've been hoping and hoping that the Alma Mater jacket will go on sale soon. It is too quirky for me to buy at full price but I really adore it!

  3. Wow! ♥ the Bowtied beauty boots! So very cute!!

  4. Did you see the evening enchantment dress is on sale at Anthro? It's not online, but it's at the store!