Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OOTD: Yeah for Yellow! (& Anthology Bag review)

I'm really digging yellow lately.  Plus, I must say I'm really digging my outfit from today.  I've been in a slump for the past week, so it felt really good to be this "put together" today.  And what better color to cheer myself up than sunny yellow?!?  See, fashion truly does have a positive impact on your mental health!

Skirt: Boden Santorini Skirt (on sale here)
Blouse: Anthropologie Eastpointe Garden Top (same exact blouse, different name/prints here)
Cardi: LOFT Outlet
Shoes: Naturalizer Linen Espadrille Wedges
Earrings: Betsey Johnson Yellow Flower Drops (here!)
Watch: Garnett Hill TOKYObay Oversized Boyfriend Watch (different colors here)
Bag: Anthropologie Anthology Bag (sold out online, still in stores)

I love the subtle flower embellishment.  Love this skirt, but hate that it wrinkles so easily after sitting down and standing up a lot at work.  Oh well, that's just what linen does I guess.

These yellow earrings are my first even Betsey Johnson purchase.  I've always though her things were a little too wild for me, but these earrings are the perfect touch of fun and whimsy! (plus they're YELLOW!)

When we were in Chicago, I picked up the lovely yellow Anthology bag.  Out of the two Anthros I visited, this was my one and only purchase.  Yes, it was a splurge..... but, I've been drooling over this bag since it first hit the website.  I told myself I was going to wait impatiently for sale, but that plan didn't quite work out.  You see, it sold out online several days before we left for Chicago.  I took this as a sign and immediately called to have one held for me in Chicago.  Just couldn't let this beauty slip away.....
In my defense, I have been looking forever for the perfect yellow leather bag.  This is it alright!!

The leather is so smooth and buttery.  As crazy as I sound for admitting this, it relaxes me just to caress this bag!  Not to mention, it's the perfect shade of yellow - not too bright but not too dull/dark.  The tortoiseshell buckles are the perfect chic accent.  Size and strap length are also perfect!  This rests nicely on your shoulder, and is big enough to carry the essentials + a book or magazine.  There is a very roomy storage pocket on both sizes of the handy for things you need quick access to.

Love it!!!  I usually prefer handbags with a zipper, as I feel my belongings are more secure this way.  However, this has a heavy duty magnetic closure.  It's so strong, you can even have a magazine sticking out the top a little and the magnetic disk on each side will still cling towards each other keeping the magazine locked in place!  Crazy!
My only complaint is that although a cute pattern, the interior lining is a very thin cotton.  I'm afraid it may rip easily so I'm trying to avoid putting anything "pokey", such as pens, inside. 

Is anyone else digging yellow lately???  I plan to post my most current wishlist soon and you'll see it's stocked full of yellow items!  It's like a magnet sucking me in, I can't control myself from being attracted to yellow lately!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Roadtrip Recap

Can't believe how fast the past 2 weeks have flown by!  It's been super busy, so sorry for the lack of posts.
A week and a half ago my husband and I departed for our annual summer roadtrip.  We are both completely obsessed with the band 311, so every summer we travel to at least 3 different cities to attend their concerts.  This year we went to Detroit, then to Chicago for a couple days, and ended our roadtrip in Cincinnati.  Every show was absolutely amazing, as usual.  Don't know exactly how to describe it, except that there is so much positive energy while they're playing....there's no place we'd rather be than a 311 show!  Plus, my husband and I had an enjoyable stay in Chicago and got to visit my best friend in Cincy!  Another added bonus: I was able to check out 2 of the Anthropologies in downtown Chicago! (much to my husband's dismay.... ;)  Our "311 Roadtrip" is always the highlight of our summer and we enter a brief state of depression when it's all over!  That's my excuse for my blogging absence for the past week since we've been back.  Here are a few pics from our trip.

My outfit for walking around Chicago all day:
Dress: LOFT Outlet
Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet
Cami: The Limited
Flip Flops: Bass Outlet
Belt: Anthropologie Skinny Weave Belt
Necklace: Anthropologie Muranga Necklace

I just LOVE this necklace I picked up on sale last month.  It goes with practically everything and is so fun for summer.  In fact, I wore it 4 of the 5 days we were away!

 While in Chicago, we stayed at Hotel Allegro located in the Loop.  It was a nice hotel in a great location.  The price was great (for downtown Chicago) and even included parking, which was a huge bonus.  As soon as I saw it was only 4 blocks from the Anthropologie on State St. I was sold! :)

My husband on the cool couches in the lobby.  Don't you just love the bold turquoise and yellow combo?!  And check out the whimsical animals on the wallpaper!

 The very modern/funky lobby area:

Then it was off to Cincinnati for the best concert of them all!  Why was it the best?  Well, we had pit tickets and got there early enough to be front and *almost* dead center.  Plus, they played the best set list out of the three nights.  We were in pure 311 heaven :)

A nice concert security guard took our pic right before 311 started.  I'm aware this isn't the most flattering pic of me after dancing around in the 90+ degree heat for the opening band Sublime with Rome (who were awesome too!)  However, I love it because you can see just how happy and excited we both are :)  See I told you I wore my Muranga necklace the entire trip!

And of course, a few pics of 311 frontman, Nick Hexum, from our front row view!  (I even touched his hand not once, but twice..... *insert love struck groupie scream here*  :)

Thanks for reading about our summer roadtrip!  Any other 311 fans out there???  They just released a new CD this week, so I highly recommend checking it out!

I'll be back this week catching up on OOTDs, plus a few Anthro reviews.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Dress: Anthropologie Woody Nymph Dress
Top: Banana Republic Outlet (really old, but still one of my favs!)
Belt: Anthropologie Skinny Weave Belt

My confessions of the day:

1)  I didn't wear this outfit to work today.  When I got home, I started trying on a few items I haven't worn in a while...this dress being one of them.  In fact, it's only been worn once before.  This outfit came together and I just wore it out for a few errands.

2)  I must also confess that this outfit is a tad outside my comfort zone....I kept wondering if the other people in the bank and Walgreens were thinking "what the heck is she wearing?"  The layering a tee under a dress plus the out-of-the-ordinary color mixing are things I don't usually do.  Plus I was paranoid the jersey dress was clinging to me!  Tell me the truth...what do you think of this outfit?  Should I be brave enough to wear it out again sometime (for more than just 30 minutes?)  Any tips to make it better....?

3)  Okay, I confess that I didn't really wear these shoes.  After I took these pics I switched into my trusty navy with white polka dot flip- flops.  It's just so hot out there that I decided flip flops would be so much more comfortable for doing errands.  I admit, out of all the pretty shoes I have I seem to wear my flip flops out the most......

4)  I didn't wear sunscreen yesterday and burned the bejeebers out of my right arm yesterday.  Being very fair-skinned, I try to avoid sun as much as possible.  I especially try to avoid sitting out in the sun for extended periods of time.  But yesterday we got together at my husband's aunt's house to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.  They have a tiny house, but a nice deck so depite the beating sun and 90+ temps everyone sat outside!  With only two umbrellas and 15 people!  I thought I was all covered by the shade of an umbrella....but by the end of afternoon my one arm was lobster red.  Yikes!  Anyways, that is part of the reason I got the idea to layer a short sleeved top under this avoid showing off my burn line!

5)  Oh, and I confess that the other reason I decided to layer a tee under this dress is because I am self conscious of my upper arms.  It's a problem I'm working on and hope to see results soon.  Any tips to lose weight and tone upper arms is greatly appreciated :)

6) And my last confession.....I bought this watch as a gift for myself.  I couldn't resist when it went on sale last week.  Plus, mustard yellow is my newest obsession.  And speaking of mustard yellow, I'm still drooling over this and pulling my hair out waiting for it to go on sale!)

Do you have any confessions to share today?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

OOTD: Coloring Book

Today I was working with a 3-year-old and as he was staring at my skirt he exclaimed, "You look like a coloring book page!"  Good thing there weren't any crayons in reach or I think I would have been attacked...haha! 
Apparently I'm not too into coloring this week, as reflected by my black & white outfits two days in a row now.  Next week I definitely need to brighten things up!

Skirt: T.J. Maxx
T-shirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Sandals: Wanted-Darla Ankle Strap Sandals (here)
Necklace & Earrings: Lucky Brand (here and here )
Bracelet: J. Crew Outlet

He was does look like a page in a coloring book:

 I know I already bragged about my recent jewelry purchase a few days ago, but I can't explain how much I am loving this necklace.  I really like how "chunky" it is and it goes with so much.  Plus, the back has cute peace signs and!


And I still can't believe how much the earrings match this bracelet I got from the J.Crew Outlet several months ago.  I'm instinctively drawn to turquoise jewelry....I have a lot of it and need to restrain myself in the future!  Anyone else have this problem?  Are you drawn to the same color a lot so that's what you buy the most of?

Next time I wear this skirt I'm thinking a bright colored shirt and adding a belt....any styling ideas you'd like to share?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OOTD: Pointelle + Patterns

I decided it would be best to avoid wearing a skirt or dress today since I'd be spending most of my time observing in a preschool classroom.  Sitting in teenie tiny chairs is difficult enough with pants on, let alone trying to remain modest and not expose myself to the entire room in a skirt/!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Capris: Gap Outlet
Earrings: Anthropologie Filigreed Corolla Posts
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.
Ring: T.J. Maxx

Close up of the black & white pattern

Close-up of the pointelle design

Best attempt at an earring close-up

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OOTD: Repeat Red,White, & Blue

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!  My husband and I had a fantastic weekend camping near Traverse City, MI.  We went to the National Cherry Festival, saw an air show, visited local breweries and wineries, indulged in some good food, enjoyed the gorgeous weather, and hung out with my husband's aunt, uncle, and cousin.  It was such a fun weekend!

I don't have any outfits to share from the weekend as I was pretty casual.  Today I went to work and was still feeling the red, white, & blue vibe.  Yes, this is an exact repeat of an outfit I wore here, except I switched out the jewelry and shoes.  Next time I promise I'll remix it without wearing the same cardi and belt.  I told you this was going to be my go-to dress on hot summer days!

Dress: LOFT Outlet
Cardigan & Belt: LOFT
Cami: The Limited
Necklace: Anthropologie Saturation Point Necklace
Earrings: Anthropologie Garden's Gate Earrings

 What did you do for the long weekend?