Wednesday, June 1, 2011

El Scorcho: Yesterday's OOTD

Hi everyone!  Wow, yesterday sure was a scorcher!  It got into the mid-90s.  Ick!  I complain when it's too cold and I complain when it's too hot.  The weather just can't please me!  Today was only in the low 70s and sunny....I actually would have been completely pleased if it weren't for the darn wind!  It's really strong today!  Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow for the perfect's supposed to be low 70s without as much wind, yay!  If only it would stay that way all summer........

Anyway, enough rambling about the weather!  Here's my outfit of the day from yesterday.  It was so cool and comfortable.  I absolutely love this jersey knit dress from LOFT outlet....but you probably already know that since I just posted an OOTD with it a few posts ago.  I must say, I definitely like this styling much better than my last attempt!

Dress: LOFT Outlet
Cardigan & Belt: LOFT
Cami: The Limited

Nail polish: Essie - Coat Azure

Oh, and bonus points to anyone who can identify what song I'm referring to in the title of this post......

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  1. I think it is just human nature to always complain about the weather. It gives us something to talk about with each other :) Great outfit...I am LOVING that belt!!!