Monday, June 6, 2011

Quickie: Anthro Fitting Room Review

On our way home from our visit to Cleveland I convinced my husband to let me stop at Anthropologie because I had several returns to make.  He went next door to do a little shopping of his own, so I had time to try a few things on from my wishlist.  I was a good girl and didn't buy anything!  Thank goodness, because by the sounds of it there is going to be a big sale tomorrow with an additional 25% off all sale items!

Readymade Dress - $128

This is a size 12.  It fit pretty well, except the waist is a little snug.  I really like how casual and easy this dress is.  It would be perfect for those days you don't feel like putting together an outfit - just throw this on with some cute sandals and go!  Both the upper cotton fabric and the chambray are sooooo soft.  The length was also great hitting just above my knees.  There is a hidden side zipper with an inner button-loop closure at the waist.  I don't usually wear horizontal stripes for fear of looking even wider than I am.  As much as I like this dress and it would be perfect for summer, I'll really have to think about this one since I'm not sold on the red/white striped top part.  If the blouse part was a solid color or a different print, I probably would have bought it on the spot.

 Gauzy Tiers Skirt - $68
I'd never really noticed this online before, but decided to give it a shot when I saw it in the store.  After all, I'm looking to add more casual skirts to my wardrobe for summer.  This is a size large and fit well, so I'd say it runs true to size.  I think I'm wearing it lower on my waist than it's meant to be..... I did this to make the length right on me.  If I'd worn it up any higher, the length would be too short for my comfort.  The red color is a nice orange/red shade and the fabric is cool and comfortable.  However, I don't care for the tiers - the horizontal "stripes" make me look wider.  Also, this skirt really isn't anything too special.....I've seen similar skirts for much cheaper other places.  A pass for me.

 Bette Cardigan - $68
Grabbed this on a whim since I'm a cardigan addict and would like to add more short sleeved cardis to my collection.  I really like the light blue shade, but it also comes in grey, white and an orangey-red.  This is a size large and seemed to fit true to size.  It is slightly cropped and the sleeves are elbow length.  The fabric is very soft and comfortable.  Although this is a nice cardi, it's really nothing out of the ordinary.  So, I wouldn't pay full price for it.  I'll reconsider come sale time
 Heartsease Habotai Blouse - $98
This blouse has been on my wishlist for quite some time.  I love the bright colors in it!  I normally wear a size 10 or 12 in blouses.  This is a size 12 and was actually a little snug in the bust.  There is elastic in the waist and then it flares out.  However, the flaired part was even a little tight around my hips.  So, I'd say this blouse may run a little small, especially if you have a larger bust and/or hips.  The v-neck is really deep, so I'd definitely have to wear a cami underneath.  Also, the bottom portion is slightly see through so again, it would need to be worn with something underneath.  I love the flutter sleeves.  The material is stiffer than I was expecting considering it is silk.  Overall, a very pretty top but not perfect enough to justify the steep price.  I will keep this on my wishlist to reconsider come sale time though. 

 Shape Suggestions Skirt - $78
After reading reviews of this skirt online, I knew it ran big so I grabbed a size medium (shown above).  It was still huge on me!  The elastic band is really loose.  So, I asked the SA to get me a size small (pictured below) and it fit a little better, but was still loose in the waist.  So, obviously this skirt really does run big.  I'd suggest sizing down at least 1 and maybe even 2 sizes.  Although this skirt is an odd length, I really like the flowy material, deep pockets, and the beautiful print.  I didn't see the blue print of this skirt until my way out.  It was also really vibrant and pretty...wish I would have tried it on too!  I think this skirt would be perfect to throw on during the summer for errands or even lounging around on hot days.  I'm planning to order this in both colors when they hit sale.  I may even have my mother-in-law hem them a few inches to make the length more flattering on me.

Happy sale shopping tomorrow, everyone!!!

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  1. I found the Shape Suggestion skirt way to large and shapeless on me when I tried it (which is ironic, given the name!), but I didn't size down like I should have. I would also suggest (ha, again with the name...) sizing down maybe 2 sizes! If it goes on sale, now I know :) Love the Readymade dress on you. It is really adorable. I tried it on yesterday and loved it, but had a hard time stomaching the fact that it was over $100 for something so simple! Thanks for the pics and reviews!