Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Current Wishlist - Anthro and Beyond

Here are some of my current wishlist items that I can't stop looking at online.


Lila Frock - $158

Calliope Dress - $168

Chelsea Morning Flats - $158
Open Agenda Wedges - $88

Lockstitch Tee - $68
Flimflam Tank - $68

Non Anthro Items:

Ruche: Flowers of the Field Floral Skirt - $42.99

Sundance: Katida Skirt - $98

Garnett Hill: Liberty Print Shift Dress - $128

What's on your wishlist right now?


  1. Hi Meghan - in answer to your Boden sale q. It's *usually* the first Friday in the UK but sometimes they start it the Thursday afternoon before. So generally speaking it'll be a week before in the US - I wouldn't be surprised if the US site switched over to sale late next week. Either way it is soon so keep your eyes peeled if there is anything you are after :-D

  2. I heart that you spread your love around. I know I know to keep my eye on Boden for sale.