Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I know yesterday officially ended the weekend, but today was like my Sunday.  So, with lack of a better post idea (no cute outfits from the weekend for me to share), I thought I'd recap my weekend for anyone who actually cares.  It includes several cute new purchases...does that entice you?!
  • My husband had to work on Saturday and I ended up staying in bed until 11:00!!  I was a total bum the rest of the day.
  • I usually ignore the influx of retail coupons emailed to me daily.  However, I broke down and used not only 1, but 2 on Saturday.
    • LOFT was having a 30% off all new items sale and I splurged on a pretty necklace after seeing that none of my local stores even carry it.  Just looked at the website to link it and I can't find it now, so it looks like it's sold out!? 

    • I had a $15 off every $50 spent at The Limited.  I've been wanting these pants for a while now, so I decided to use my coupon on them.  I was only a little short of $100 (to get $30 off), so I added this bangel bracelet.  I'm loving the mint green color that just screams spring.

  • On Sunday, my husband wasn't feeling very well.  I was restless since I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday, so I went out on my own for the day.
    • Stopped by the outlet mall excited to check out J. Crew, but was disappointed with the selection and left empty handed.
    • Banana Republic didn't fail me though!  I picked up an adorable long boyfriend cardi and a yellow ruffled cardigan.  I heart BR Outlet!
    • I went to see Black Swan.  I've never gone to a movie by myself before, but it was actually quite relaxing and enjoyable.  I've been dying to see this movie, but it's not the type of movie hubby would want to see.  Definitely a great movie - I can see why Natalie Portman won a Golden Globe.  Her performance was amazing!
  • That brings us to today.  I was very productive - went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, did laundry.  There were a couple items I had to return at Target.  Instead of just returning them and leaving like a good girl, I ended up brousing.  I spotted these, which I've been pining over on the website.  Yes, I bought them tonight so they wouldn't sell out in my size and so I wouldn't have to pay shipping by buying online. 
  • They say we have a huge snowstorm on the way Tuesday night into Wednesday, so I'm definitely expecting to have a snow day.  While at Target, I stocked up on some magazines (Lucky, In Style, Glamour) to keep me occupied while I'm snowed in for the day.  I also decided to invest in a small storage organizer.  We have limited closet space in our house and the corner of the bedroom is currently a pile of shoes, purses,, I've been meaning to buy something inexpensive to help get these items organized.  I figure this will be the perfect project for my snowday!  I can only hope that it will turn out looking as nice as the stock photo:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Black & White with a Splash of Purple

I've been wanting to pair purple with a black & white print for a while now.  There was only one problem....out of my vast collection of different colored cardigans, I didn't own a purple one!!!  I fixed that problem last weekend when I picked up a simple one from Target.  Ah, how could I live without good old Target?

Here's what I wore to work today:
Top: Ann Taylor Outlet
Pants: Ann Taylor Outlet
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Etsy (here)
Earrings: Anthropologie Garden's Gate Earrings
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.
Socks: Merona (Target)
Flats: Younker's 

Hubby and I went out to dinner tonight for a friend's birthday.  I wanted to stick with the "black & white print + a splash of purple" theme, so I came up with this:

Cardigan: Target
Top: JC Penney
Skirt: via TJ Maxx
Ribbon belt: detached from the top I'm wearing
Tights: Anthropologie Daisy Chain tights (in wine)
Shoes: Naya - Cara Mary Janes (here or here)

Oh, and here's my cute little kitty Conan saying, "What the heck are you doing taking pictures of yourself in the mirror, mommy???"

Time to watch The Office now!  Have a good night!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vintage Orange & Gold {OOTD}

Hi Readers!

Another busy week here.  Lots of things to catch up on at work and around the house.  Guess I shouldn't have been a lazy bum this past weekend :/  Oh well, catching up on my shows and catching up on Season Six of Grey's Anatomy on instant Netflix are also important things on the "to-do" list..haha!

On Sunday, my husband and I went to his grandpa's house for lunch.  He invited the whole family over so we could sort through grandma's jewelry.  Everyone got to chose what they wanted and the one thing that jumped out at me was this ring:

I love the vintage style and the beautiful coral-colored stone.  The setting is 14k gold, but we're not sure what the stone is.  My mother-in-law immediately said, "This one looks like you, Meghan."  I was wearing an orange cardigan with gold accessories that day and the ring matched perfectly, so it was meant to be and I gladly snatched it up.  It's nice to have a unique piece of jewelry that will remind me of grandma for many years to come.

Today I re-created my outfit from Sunday so I could show off my new ring at work:

Cardigan:  New York & Company
Blouse:  Macy's
Necklace:  J. Crew Outlet
Earrings:  Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt:  Anthropologie Field Skirt in gold
Belt:  Anthropologie Looping Lanes belt
Tights:  Simply Vera Ribbed Tights in brown (Kohl's)
Boots:  Steven by Steve Madden Intyce in cognac (here)
Ring:  via Grandma Del's treasure chest

Do any of you have any unique vintage pieces that belonged to a loved one?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Week in Review: OOTDs

Sorry for the lack of posts this week!  It's been the longest and most tiring week at work in a long time.  Part of that may be because I worked on Monday and I usually don't.  Guess I've been spoiled with 4-day work weeks.  However, in addition to 5 whole days of work (gasp!), I've also had a lot of new things get thrown my way, many meetings to attend, and a lot of paperwork, phonecalls, & emails to complete.  Anyway, the past 3 nights I was so tired when I got home that I watched tv or fell asleep early...too tired to even turn on my laptop, let alone blog.  Tuesday and Thursday night I got home so late that I immediately switched to my pjs and forgot all about OOTD snaps.  But, I did remember 3 days this week....none of them are too special, but I thought I'd go ahead and share anyway!

My simply casual Friday outfit from today features one of my very first Anthro purchases ever.....a pretty headband!

Cashmere sweater: Old Navy (2008?)
Lace cami: Maurices (2007?)
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks - Purse (on sale here!)
Necklace: Pandora w/ murano glass beads
Earrings: NY & Co.
Anthropologie Serpentine Shimmer Headband (Summer 2009)

In Monday's outfit I was going for business-like, yet cute and feminine for my day full of meetings.
Anthropologie Oleander Cardigan (Fall 2010)
Lace cami: Maurices (2007?)
Dress pants: LOFT
Flats: Macy's
Anthropologie Garden's Gate Earrings (Fall/Winter 2009)
Necklace: gift from the hubby
Bracelet: Tiffany's

 And Wednesday I threw together a rather preppy ensemble...not my typical style, but I thought I'd try something different.  Not really sure how I feel about the final result.....looking back I think it's a little boring and too matchy with the top and tights.  Any suggestions for next time?
Skirt: JC Penney Chambray Pencil Skirt (2009)
Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet (Fall 2010)
Cardigan: NY & Co. (Fall 2010)
Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt (Fall 2010)
Tights: Simply Vera Geometric tights in port royale (Kohl's
Shoes: Unlisted Buckle Wedges (really old)
Necklace: Ann Taylor Outlet (really old)

This evening I caught up on some DVRed shows from this week.  Just watched The Office from last night and it was by far the funniest episode I've seen in a long time!!  In fact, I really want to watch it again now...haha.  Any other Office fans out there???  It's one of my hubby's and my favorite shows!  Now I just need to watch Modern Family from this other favorite :)  Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Seasonal Remix: Winter White Camilla Dress

As I hinted at on yesterday's post, today I'd like to try out another new blog feature entitled "Seasonal Remix."  I have several spring/summer items that I'd like to try to winterize.  Plus, come spring/summer time I would like to challenge myself to wear some of my fall/winter items.  And so, this new blog feature is born as a way for me to practice my remixing skills and get your feedback!

First up is the Camilla dress in cream.  I purchased this dress last summer to wear to one of my bridal showers and I have not worn it since!  It's such a shame that this pretty little frock has only been worn once!  Carol's "Winter White" post inspired me to pull out my Camilla dress from the back of my closet and try to style it for winter.  Here are the options I came up with.
1)  Feminine Chic
I immediately thought to pair this with the Oleander cardi because of the similar white lace accents.  The classic black mary janes with flower details compliment the flower details on the buttons of the cute cardi.  Something made me reach for my 3 strand pearl necklace to finish off the classic chic look.
Anthropologie Camilla Dress in cream
Anthropologie Oleander Cardigan
The Limited - grey cami
Banana Republic Glitter Ribbed Tights in pewter (buy here)
Naya - Cara Mary Janes (here, here, and here)
Pearl Necklace - bridesmaid gift from friend

                                   2)  Blooming Boots Casual
The Blooming Lattice cardi seems to go with everything, so it was an obvious choice.  I wanted a little pop of color so I went with the reddish-purple tights and decided to finish off the look with my boots to make it more casual.  In hindsight, I think maybe adding a belt would have made this look a little more pulled together.
Anthropologie Blooming Lattice Cardi (bought via ebay)
Simply Vera Geometric Tights in port royale (Kohl's) (here)
Steven by Steve Madden Intyce Boots in cognac (here)

3)  Pretty in Neutrals
This color pairing (beige, white, brown, and grey) is not something I'd normally come up with, but I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out.  The Beaded Eglantine Cardigan is my newest sale purchase and I haven't worn it yet!  From there, the brown belt, grey tights, and cognac colored shoes just came to me.  I'm really happy with how pretty this neutral combination turned out!
Anthropologie Beaded Eglantine Cardigan
Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Grey Cami - The Limited
Simply Vera Brocade Tights in coal (Kohl's) (here)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks - Purse in chestnut (on sale here)
Necklace - J. Crew Outlet

I also think it looks pretty cute with the boots!

So, what do you think?  Which "winter white" outfit do you like best?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Perfectly pretty spring trench coat {photo review}

My husband had to work yesterday.  After lounging around all morning watching instant Netflix (we just got it and now I don't know how I ever lived without it!), I decided I needed to get out of the house!  I went to Target desperately hoping to find these in my size, but it was a fail.  I did, however, find a really cute mint green cardigan on sale.  The color is so feminine and "springy" and I adore the lace detailing along the v-neck.  I also bought some cute new socks and a pair of navy tights.  I just can't leave good old Target without buying something.......
Next, I went across the street to Kohls because I haven't been there in forever.  I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I saw this trench coat hanging on a rack and was instantly drawn to it.  When I saw the pretty floral lining and the bow on the back, I knew it had to be mine!  The fit was perfect plus it was on sale, so it came home with me.  I'm really looking forward to wearing it this spring.  I've never had a trench coat before (gasp!), so I figure this is a really fun & feminine one to start off with.  What do you think?

Boots: Steven by Steve Madden Intyce boots in cognac - scored on sale for $85
Dress: tune in tomorrow for a new blog feature to find out (I'll give ya a hint: it's Anthropologie)

I'd like to start a new feature entitled "photo review" in which I'll review an item simply by giving you pictures.  So, here goes my first try at this.  I know I included a TON of pictures in this post.  I've truly found that a picture's worth a thousand words and the more pictures I see the more I can get a real feel for an item.  So, my goal is that all these photos will help you decide if this is something you're interested in checking out for yourself :)  Of course, if you have specific questions about it leave me a comment and I'd be happy to answer.

Hope my first photo review was helpful!!!  Have a great Monday everyone!