Saturday, January 8, 2011

These are a few of my {new} favorite things

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!  Today was a pretty low key day, so no worth while OOTD post for you.  I slept in, went out to lunch with my husband, came home and cleaned, wrote a report for work, and made dinner.  We've been sitting around all evening watching TV and drinking some wine.  My husband has been watching football, so I've been doing some internet searching.  In my world, that mostly consists of reading other blogs and drooling over the Anthropologie website.  Several new items have been added to the website recently and I thought I'd share some of my current new loves.  In an attempt to let my readers get to know me a little better I also thought I'd share a little about what I like about each item.  Recently I've come to realize that clothes/accessories that I'm instinctively draw to fall into at least one of three categories: Pretty, Vintage, or Chic....hence where I came up with my blog fashion sense in three simple words.

Shirt the Issue Dress - $118

I'm drawn to this because it's pretty.  I always have and always will absolutely adore pretty flower prints :)  Perhaps this stems back to the wallpaper in my childhood room.  My parents let me pick it out in 2nd grade - a pretty pink, lavender, and blue flower print.  It's been there up until about 2 months ago.  After I got married, my mom and dad re-did my old bedroom - painted, re-arranged, and replaced my twin size canopy bed with a new queen size bed.  They wanted to have a "proper" room that my husband and I can stay in when we visit..haha.  It's very nice, but I must say that I miss that pretty wallpaper!
Anyway, I digress, I'm also drawn to this dress because I think it has a subtle vintage feel.

Pond Reflections Dress - $168

Again, it's such a pretty, yet chic dress!  I have tried this one on in person (review to come very soon, I promise!)  It would look great with a colorful cardi or a jacket.

Eastpointe Garden Top - $58

I'm in love. (We'll see if that holds up once I am able to try it on)  Staying with the theme so far, it's pretty!  Based on the stock photo, the pattern and colors are gorgeously chic.  I personally think this once has a slight vintage feel to it as well :)  LOVE!

Voila Top - $78

I just adore the vintage lace detailing.  Such a pretty design and two very pretty color choices!  Don't know how I would ever choose between the two!

Twisted Polka Dots Top - $78

This one falls in my secret fourth category, "unique".  I did contemplate how I could incorporate this word in my blog title, but finally threw it out because I wanted the simple three words that defined my style, four words was too cluttered!  Definitely a unique top, but this one also falls in my pretty category!   love the polka dots and combo of pretty prints!

Painted Morning Skirt - $88

Lately, it seems that yellow has become my new favorite color!  I always used to avoid it because I thought it made my already pale skin look extremely washed out.  But, I've found out that as long as it's not too pale of a yellow, it's actually very flattering.  Love this skirt because of it's very chic structure and pattern.  I really hope it looks flattering and chic on me when I get to try it on.

Jeweler's Choice Cardigan - $148

If you've read my other blog posts, you probably already know that I'm a total sucker for cardigans and necklaces.  Well, what if I also shared with you that I'm a total sucker for coral?!  I.must.own.this.cardi.someday.  Such gorgeous looking fabric and the coral-beaded statement neckline is so, so pretty.

Flip-Flap Bag - $78
Well, my new favorites list finishes off with my all out love affair with pretty floral patterns.  Love the vintage feel it has with the canvas print and chain link handle.  Must see this in person to know for sure if it's on the "must have" list or not.  While I'm not sure if I'll love the feel/size of it, I do know that I'm in love with the colorful tulip pattern!

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning more about my fashion loves and the 3 words that describe the things I covet.  If you had to narrow it down, what 3 words would describe the pieces you are instantly drawn to?  What new arrivals are your new favorites?

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  1. These items are on my wishlist as well! They are so beautiful, flowy and remind me of Spring, which I wish was here already! I am also drawn to the cardigan since it's so different and would be a signature piece! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! :)