Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!  I know yesterday officially ended the weekend, but today was like my Sunday.  So, with lack of a better post idea (no cute outfits from the weekend for me to share), I thought I'd recap my weekend for anyone who actually cares.  It includes several cute new purchases...does that entice you?!
  • My husband had to work on Saturday and I ended up staying in bed until 11:00!!  I was a total bum the rest of the day.
  • I usually ignore the influx of retail coupons emailed to me daily.  However, I broke down and used not only 1, but 2 on Saturday.
    • LOFT was having a 30% off all new items sale and I splurged on a pretty necklace after seeing that none of my local stores even carry it.  Just looked at the website to link it and I can't find it now, so it looks like it's sold out!? 

    • I had a $15 off every $50 spent at The Limited.  I've been wanting these pants for a while now, so I decided to use my coupon on them.  I was only a little short of $100 (to get $30 off), so I added this bangel bracelet.  I'm loving the mint green color that just screams spring.

  • On Sunday, my husband wasn't feeling very well.  I was restless since I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday, so I went out on my own for the day.
    • Stopped by the outlet mall excited to check out J. Crew, but was disappointed with the selection and left empty handed.
    • Banana Republic didn't fail me though!  I picked up an adorable long boyfriend cardi and a yellow ruffled cardigan.  I heart BR Outlet!
    • I went to see Black Swan.  I've never gone to a movie by myself before, but it was actually quite relaxing and enjoyable.  I've been dying to see this movie, but it's not the type of movie hubby would want to see.  Definitely a great movie - I can see why Natalie Portman won a Golden Globe.  Her performance was amazing!
  • That brings us to today.  I was very productive - went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, did laundry.  There were a couple items I had to return at Target.  Instead of just returning them and leaving like a good girl, I ended up brousing.  I spotted these, which I've been pining over on the website.  Yes, I bought them tonight so they wouldn't sell out in my size and so I wouldn't have to pay shipping by buying online. 
  • They say we have a huge snowstorm on the way Tuesday night into Wednesday, so I'm definitely expecting to have a snow day.  While at Target, I stocked up on some magazines (Lucky, In Style, Glamour) to keep me occupied while I'm snowed in for the day.  I also decided to invest in a small storage organizer.  We have limited closet space in our house and the corner of the bedroom is currently a pile of shoes, purses,, I've been meaning to buy something inexpensive to help get these items organized.  I figure this will be the perfect project for my snowday!  I can only hope that it will turn out looking as nice as the stock photo:

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