Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bloggin' in the New Year

Happy New Year readers!  I hope you had a fantastic night ringing in 2011.  I haven't really declared any official New Year's resolutions yet, but I'm thinking one of them will be to get into this whole blogging thing whole heartedly.  I just haven't gotten in the grove since I began this blog in late October....I now realize that blogging is hard work and takes up a lot of time.  I have a newfound respect for all my fav bloggers out there that update daily!  I'm not promising daily posts quite yet, but at least a few times per week!  I've been to Anthropologie twice in the past 2 weeks, so I have some dressing room reviews coming up and some reviews on recent Anthro purchases I've made so stay tuned.

For New Year's Eve my husband and I went to Bar Louie with two other couples.  Not just any couples, they were two of my closest high school friends and their husband/boyfriend.  Hubby and I got to the hotel earlier than everyone else.  He was tired from the drive and since Anthropologie was only a mile down the road, I ditched him let him take a nap and I went shopping for a little bit!!  (Reviews to come soon, I promise.....)
When I got back, we all hung out at the hotel for a bit before taking a cab over to the bar.  The NYE package included a dinner buffet, open bar, and champagne toast at midnight.  I must say, the crowd was not what I was expecting...mostly people in their very early twenties, so it made us feel very old!  We didn't even know many of the songs the DJ was playing, haha!  When we requested some 90s songs (Sublime, Beck, etc.) the DJ agreed but announced "Hold on, these next few will take you back a ways."  We were the only ones singing along, lol.  And then when the DJ played some new rap song I've never heard before, the entire crowd sang along.  Oh well.  We still had a fun time hanging out together for the New Year.
Here's my Outfit of the Night:
Dress: Banana Republic Silk Betty layered dress
Tights: Banana Republic Erin Dot Tights
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet
Shrug: Kohls Apt. 9
Shoes: Naya- Cara On sale at
Necklace: Anthropologie Pessinus Garden

My shoes are a purchase I made on Cyber Monday.  I'd been eyeing these for a while so I made an impulse buy when they were on sale that day.  So glad I did because I LOVE them and have worn them so much since I got them.  They are extremely comfy (like wearing tennis shoes...seriously!) and the heel height is just perfect for me.  I adore the flower detail on the toe and the fact that they are mary janes :)  Plus, this brand uses only all natural & recycled materials so they are eco-friendly too!

I was so happy when I found my belt at the Banana Republic outlet, because the flower detail matches the one on these shoes perfectly!!!  It's the little things in life that excite me the most :)

I'll leave you with a pic of Mr. Hubby and I that was taken at the beginning of the night before we went too crazy with the open bar.  Happy 2011 everyone!  What did you do and what did you wear to ring in the New Year???

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