Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plaid with daisy chains or dotty clusters?!

Who would have thought that the most difficult decision I had to make today was chosing which pair of tights to wear with my outfit?!  They're my two favorite pair of tights so I guess I couldn't go wrong either way.  Which do you think look better with the plaid shirt, plaid flats, field skirt combo?

Plaid shirt: J. Crew Outlet
Skirt: Anthropologie Field Skirt (in dark grey)
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Kohls
Tights #1: Anthropologie Daisy Chain (in wine)
Tights #2: Anthropologie Dotty Cluster

I bought the grey version of the Field Skirt long before I got the gold one.  The gold is way different and way better in my opinion.  It's a much thicker and more structured fabric than the grey which makes it hang better and poof less.  Oh well, I still do like the grey goes with a lot and the lighter weight fabric will make it easier to wear in warmer weather.


  1. I like them both, probs the grey a little better but i also love the contrast btwn the purple tights and the shoes.

    Which did you go for?

  2. I went with the grey Dotty Clusters tights...mostly because they were the second pair I tried on and I ran out of time so that helped me make my final decision :)