Monday, January 10, 2011

Anthro Dressing Room Review 12/23: Longji Terrace Tank, Filigree Cardi, Rippled Ridge Henley, etc.

I took a trip down to my closest Anthropologie the day before Christmas Eve.  I had several returns to make and of course hung around long enough to try on lots of pretty things.  Unfortunately, my camera batteries died half way through :(  Still wanted to share the few things I actually caught on camera...

Longji Terrace Tank - $78

This tank fits TTS.  I grabbed my normal size L and it fit comfortably and even a little lose in the bottom half.  This tank is very comfortable.  I love the satin straps, the stud details diagonally along the bottom of each strap, and the rhinestone details.  The color is a grayish-green with light pink rice-shaped polka dots.  Not really sure how I'd style this except with jeans, but it's wishlisted for sale anyway.

Filigree Cardi - $118

I was drawn to this cardi online due to the filigree pattern, so I was excited to find it in store.  I tried on the "brown" which is really more of a light sand color.  This is the large.  While the arms fit fine, the body was very lose and tent like on me.  It's shorter in front and then gets long on each side.  The boxy fit was very unflattering on me and I couldn't wait to take it off.  I was so preoccupied with the odd fit, that I didn't even snap any pictures of it hanging naturally!  Oops! I also tried on the gold version in a medium to see if that would take care of the lose, boxy issues of the large (you can see that hanging in the background).  The arms were so tight I could barely get it on!  This one immediately came off my wishlist.  Too bad, because the lace filigree detail is very pretty in person.

Rippled Ridge Henley - $48
This fits TTS - this is a large.  It's very comfortable.  I love the ruched detailing along the neckline.  Very casual chic.  I ended up buying the purple and the green version with a gift card.  Sidenote: the green one looks great paired with the gold Field Skirt! 

Deuxhill Cowlneck - $88 paired with Field Skirt - $78
Well, I've reviewed this blouse before HERE, but I've been wanting to try the navy motif.  I already own this skirt in the gold and grey, but just grabbed the navy version to have something to pair with the blouse.  Blouse runs 1-2 sizes big.  This is the 10, but the 8 also fit me fine.  Love the print and the silk material is great.  Just don't think the cap sleeves are very flattering on me, so I would only wear this with a cardi or jacket.  I'll reconsider come sale time.
As for the skirt, it runs TTS.  This is a 12.  I LOVE this skirt and have gotten a lot of wear out of the two I already own.  If this ever makes it to sale, I may even pick up the navy version!

Refined Cord Shirtdress - On sale for $59.99 (sold out online, but I hear it's still floating around in stores) 
I know, I know...I'm extremely late in the game for reviewing this dress.  I grabbed the grey in a size 12.  It fit TTS - but a little bit tight in the bust.  Not too bad once I got it buttoned though.  I see why everyone raves about this one.  It's a classic!  Ultimately, I passed on this (it wasn't on sale yet when I tried it on).  Didn't pick it up once it hit sale because I spent too much money on other items.  Oh well, I'm sure another version I like even better will pop up in the future!

More reviews to come tomorrow! 

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  1. I had high hopes for the filigree cardi but no one seems to like it - and I can see why! Why, Anthro, do you make something with so much potential so shapeless and weird?! Ah well, good thing I am on an unofficial no-buy ...

    Thanks for these reviews!