Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sale was so good that I had to be bad

Wow!  What an amazing sale today.  Totally wasn't expecting that right after the tag sale just ended.  Many things on my wish list went on sale.  It was a VERY lucky sale day for me (but not necessarily for my wallet) because of 2 pop backs, 1 second cut item, and being able to locate the cardi I've been waiting for even though it's sold out online.  Without further ado, here are my sale scores!!!

 Macchiato Jumper $69.95 (was $148)  I've been wanting to see this in person, but neither of my stores had it.  After seeing Roxy's review I decided it was worth checking out whenever it went on sale.  It seems like a fairly recent dress so I was shocked to see it on sale this morning.  My wish list only showed 1 in my size so I scooped it up.  Definitely an impulse buy, but I figure the worse case scenario is that I don't like it and then I have an excuse to make a trip to my nearest Anthro so it can be returned :)
 In For A Frill Cardigan  - now $39.95 (was on sale for $79.95; original price was $128!)  This was my lucky 2nd cut item.  It doesn't seem to be a very popular sweater (hence the 2nd cut so soon after it went on sale the first time), but I really really like it.  It's very vintage and feminine and will go with a lot.  Definitely not worth full price or the first sale price, but for $40 I decided it deserved a place in my closet.
 Darjeeling Skirt - $69.95 (was $128)  This is an online exclusive.  It's currently sold out online, but if you're interested I suggest checking for pop backs.  This has been on my wish list for a long time now...in fact, I almost caved and bought it several times.  Then it sold out in my size awhile ago.  When I saw Tara from Little Girl Big Closet looking fab in it, I starting kicking myself for not getting it while I had the chance.  Then today a miracle happened.  I was checking my wish list to see what went on sale, and there was a pop back in my size!!!  I immediately added it to my cart before it disappeared.  I like to think it was fate.  Amazing how an Anthro pop back can totally make my day!
 Beaded Eglantine Cardigan - $69.95 (was $128)  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this pretty cardi to go on sale.  It's been sold out in my size for a while now and the past couple times I've been to the store they didn't have my size either.  So, I was doubtful that I'd ever get my hands on it.  I decided to call CS late this afternoon to try my luck.  At first it didn't look good....the guy said most stores were showing either 0 or 1 and that it was unlikely they would have it.  Then he found one store that the computer showed as having 2.  I called and they had it!  Horray! :)
Into The Woods Necklace - $19.95 (was $38)  This is not a new sale item.  It's been on sale and sold out online for a while.  However, when I spotted the pop back today I figured "what the hell!" and picked this up as well!

It may not seem like I showed much restraint during this sale, but there were several other items (such as the Refined Cord Shirtdress & Bowtied Beauty Boots) that I really wanted but resisted.

So, did any of you have any lucky pop backs or track something down in store today?  I'm dying to know what everyone else picked up from this amazing sale!


  1. Looks like your scored some awesome items! ;) I really wanted this sale to be small to help my wallet, but it wasn't. There were so many great items marked down! I'm so jealous about the Darjeeling Skirt! I want it soo soo bad and i have it on my wishlist. I am really hoping for a popback!

  2. You made some major scores! The Darjeeling skirt!!!!! And I didn't think much of that jumper either until after I saw Roxy review - I can't wait to see you rock your new purchases, I had actually been surprisingly good with today's sale!

  3. It's a little late, but I love the darjeeling skirt. Do you still have it on your wishlist? Do you know how I can get it on mine?