Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anthro Quickie Dressing Room Review 12/31

Hello everyone!  I know I said I'd post the rest of my reviews last night, but I had a terrible headache.  In fact, it ended up turning into an awful migraine and I stayed home from work today because I was so miserable.  My head was pounding, I felt nauseous, and had to keep the blinds shut all day as any light just makes my migraines worse.  Anyone who's ever had a migraine can relate, I'm sure.  It's the worst and I wouldn't wish this upon anyone!  Thank goodness I'm finally feeling better.

I mentioned in my New Year's Day post that I was able to sneak away from my hubby for a little bit to go to Anthropologie on New Year's Eve.  It was less than a mile down the road from the hotel we were staying in, so I couldn't resist.  They had a great sale selection as well as several new dresses in stock.  I only had a little bit of time before I had to get back and get ready for our evening out, so I just grabbed a few things that caught my eye and headed to the dressing room.

I accidentally grabbed a size 14 (shown in the 2nd picture).  It was very lose, so I asked the SA to get a 12 for me (1st picture).  The 12 fit fine, but was still a little bit lose.  If I had more time, I would have tried the 10 just for reference.  But, this dress is supposed to be flowy so I think it fits TTS.  I love the drawstring waist, very nice silky material, and gorgeous print!  The length hit me mid-knee (I'm 5'7").  The only thing I didn't care for was the spaghetti straps...I think they make me look too wide up top.  However, that's nothing that a cute cardi can't fix!  I put the yellow J. Crew cardi on that I wore that day and I think it looked great.  I must admit, I was very tempted to buy this dress that very day.  But, the price is a little steep for me and I wouldn't even wear this for several months, so I resisted.  Definitely wishlisted for sale!

This is definitely not something I'd typically be drawn to at Anthro.  However, I was feeling a little uncertain about my NYE outfit, so I thought I'd try on this little black dress for the heck of it.  I grabbed my usual size 12, but it was pretty tight.  The fabric is a very stiff, canvas-like material.  Due to the material and the form-fitting nature of the dress, it definitely was not very comfortable.  This dress was also too short for my liking, hitting about 2 inches above my knee.  I did like the v-neck, wider straps, and the unique buttons down the side, but this dress just isn't my style.

First Whisperings Dress - On sale for $89.99?, but sold out online

I'd seen many other reviews on this dress, but was never really drawn to it because I didn't think it'd be very flattering.  However, when I saw this dress on the sale rack I was compelled to try it on.  I love the soft colors and lovely pattern.  I like how it has long sleeves and the length was perfect hitting right above the knee.  Without a belt, it looks like a sack.  So, I put on the LOFT belt I was wearing that day.  It's not a very good belt with this dress, but I just wanted to give myself a waistline!  I really liked this dress, but passed because I didn't see myself getting much wear out of it.  To this day, I still wonder if I made a mistake by leaving this one behind :(

Bianka Blouse - $68 and Field Skirt - $78

I've been wanting to try on the infamous Bianka Blouse for a long time!  You know I already own the gold Field Skirt...I just grabbed it to have something to try on with this blouse.  I grabbed the navy Bianka blouse in a size 10 and it fit very well.  This is a size smaller than I'd normally wear, so I say this blouse may run slightly large.  I could have sized up to the 12 if I wanted a more flowy fit.  I love the silky feel to the material, the ruffle sleeves, and the drawstring neckline.  Wishlisted for sale!

And, here's what I came in wearing that day!  Except, I'm trying on the In For a Frill Cardigan (on sale for $39.95) in this photo.  I actually came in wearing this outfit with the yellow J. Crew cardi (hanging in the background & worn with the Pond Reflections Dress review).  I've reviewed this cardi before here and I ended up buying this In For a Frill Cardigan when it got a second cut last week.  I love the vintage lace detailing and the extremely soft fabric!  The color will go with a lot.  It's sold out online, but you'd probably be able to find one in store still!
Dress: Calvin Klein denim smocked dress (Macy's)
Tights: Anthropologie Daisy Chain Tights in wine
Boots: Steven by Steve Madden Intyce in cognac
Belt: LOFT
Necklace: Anthropologie Saturation Point Necklace


  1. I like the first dress, the colors are divine! Fun shopping trip! ;)

  2. Oh no, I'm glad your migraine is gone, though. Boyfriend's had migraines before and they look TERRIBLE. Ugh. I am living the First Whisperings dress on you, and I think you could wear it really well with a wide brown belt! And the Bianka blouse is cut so well for you too!