Thursday, January 6, 2011

Second time's a charm

For my OOTD, I wore a shirt and necklace that have only been worn once before (and never paired together either).  I was drawn to this green top last spring not only because of the color (I LOVE green!) but because of the unique floral/swirl embroidery on the front and back of it.  I wore it once right after I got it and then it got lost in my closet!  I stumbled upon it this week and decided it was about time this top was paired with a cardi.  I can't believe I haven't worn this necklace more often has tons of colors in it and could be paired with so much.  A closet/ jewelry box re-organization is much needed in the near future so I can take inventory of what I have and start doing some remixing!

Shirt: Studio M (Macy's)
Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet
Pants: LOFT Denim Trousers
Necklace: LOFT
Bracelet: Pandora

Even though I didn't have to work on Monday, this week has seemed to drag on.  I've been exhausted all day and I can't wait to crawl in bed!!  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday :)  Perhaps I'll attempt a closet clean out/ organization this weekend.  It's been a while since I've tackled this and my closet is a disaster.  Any advice of where to begin???


  1. I love green and yellow together! The embroidery is so sweet, too, and adds some nice texture to the outfit. And enjoy your weekend!! As for closet cleaning, I usually tackle one row at a time and separate my stuff into 3 piles: donate, keep, and to-be-determined. Usually when you're done with separating all of those things, you can see what you are definitely keeping and what items in the to-be-determined pile can work with the things you're keeping!

  2. I also love the way yellow and green looked together! Thanks for the closet cleaning advice - it sounds like a great strategy. I'm planning to at least get started organizing before the weekend is over!