Monday, January 3, 2011

Anthropologie Necklace Reviews: Size Matters!

I mentioned in my post from yesterday that I used my birthday discount online right before free shipping ended.  There were several necklaces I'd been admiring and since they were all on sale that week, I decided to use my 10% off on top of that and get all 3 of them.  Sadly, only 1 of the 3 was worth keeping.....

1) Looking Glass Necklace - on sale for $29.95 (still available in stores)

The online picture drew me in because of this necklace's unique vintage flair.  However, I did not like it at all in person because the mirror pendant was WAY bigger than I expected.  The quality was also much cheaper than expected.  Although the bigger side flower pendant was nice quality, the 3 smaller charms near the bottom were lightweight plastic.  The rhinestone chain was just too much "bling" in my opinion and was a poor quality that I could see breaking easily.  Back it went.

2.  Cyclades Cinquefoil Necklace - $38

I noticed this as soon as it was a new arrival because of the photo on Anthro's home page.  Fell in love with the picture and added it to my wishlist.  The green version immediately became "out of stock" after like 2 days!  I was SO as soon as I saw it pop back I bought it!  That was a mistake because the pendant was gigantic.  The monsterous size is the only thing I didn't like.  The flower is gorgeous with the smooth agate petals surrounding lace and small colored beads in the middle.  Sadly, I had to return this because I looked like a freak with something this large hanging around my neck.  It's just not me, but if extremely large pendants (4+ inch diameter) are your style then I highly recommend this one!

3.  Crumpled Rainbow Necklace - $48

Fell in love with this because of all the colors!!  I was worried it would be too big for my taste, but when I got it I really liked it!  Yes, it's a bigger piece than I normally wear, but it's unique enough to justify keeping and I think it will go with a lot.  I'm especially looking forward to wearing it this spring and summer because of the pastel colors.  I think it looks great paired with neutral colored clothing to give your outfit a pop!

Is it just me, or has anyone else expected jewelry to be completely different based on the online stock photo???  I know most jewelry descriptions give dimensions, but I guess I just can't visualize very well, haha! 

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