Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quickie Anthro Review

Sorry...I mentioned about a week and a half ago that I had some Anthro reviews to share, but I completely forgot until now!!

Dots Within Blouse - $118
Let's start with the positives.  I love the gorgeous green color and print of this blouse.  The silk seems to be of great quality - very smooth and soft.  This reminds me of last winter's Precious Particulars Blouse, but better (as in, more my style and a little more casual).  Although other reviews complained about the sleeve length being too short, it was perfect on me.  The v-neck was not too low cut and I love the ties.  I also felt the overall length was just right - could be easily tucked in or worn out. 
Now for the negative - the fit!  This is a size 12 (I always wear a size 12, sometimes a 10 in blouses), but this way WAY too tight in the bust and upper arms/shoulders.  So tight in fact, that I nearly had a panic attack trying to get it off.  It look a lot of manuvering and I'm so shocked that I was finally able to get it off without either ripping it or calling for help!  I would definitely recommend sizing up in this one.  I'm going to wait it out and see if the 14 makes it to sale in hopes of a better fit.

Note: I tried this on right after I finally got the Dots Within Blouse off...notice my very red upper arms from the trauma of wrestling it off..haha!
Anyway, this tank has been on my wishlist all summer, but I was underwhelmed in person.  I sized down to a medium and it fit pretty well, so I'd say it runs about a size big.  In my opinion, the material was just too thin and semi-sheer to justify full price.  I would imagine this tank will hit sale soon, but I'm going to pass.  The colors of the flowers just seem too bright to transition into fall.  Plus, the best part of this tank is the back lace-up detail which would be hidden when worn with cardis or jackets.

I just love this in the navy bird print!  I have this same blouse from last winter in the blue floral print (then called the Eastpointe Garden top) and I've gotten a ton of wear out of it.  I grabbed a 10 (shown in the first two pics) since that is the size I bought in the Eastpointe Garden.  This one seems to run even bigger than the Eastpointe did.  The size 10 was very loose and the underarms hung down pretty low.  Plus, the ruffles seemed to poof out a lot making me worry that it wouldn't layer very well under a cardi.  I tried on the size 8 (third pic) and although the bust was a bit tighter, it seemed to fit better overall.  This size seems like it wouldn't cause nearly as much bulk in the shoulders when layered underneath a cardi.  So, with this one I'd say definitely size down at least 1, if not 2, sizes.  I plan to pick this one up soon either next time I visit the store or before free shipping runs out.

Mystery Cardi
This isn't online yet, but the colors caught my attention in the store so I decided to try it on.  On the rack, the large looked too big, so I grabbed a medium to try on.  However, once on I realized I really should have gotten the large because the medium did not even come close to buttoning.  So, I'd say it does run true to size.  I must admit, the only thing I really like about this cardi is the coloring.  The bright pink looks great with the neutral taupe and I like how the wrists and front pockets are trimmed in the pink.  Now the cons: this is a wool blend and was really itchy...not at all soft and/or comfortable.  It was also really stiff which made it hang kind of strangely.  If this were made of a different material or even a softer wool blend, I'd definitely consider it. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Like it, LOVE it, Gotta have it!

I had a sudden inkling to brouse the Fossil website the other day specifically to check out their fall handbags.  I'm so glad I did because I fell in love with this clutch as soon as I saw it. 

I just love the pops of orange and teal in the wool plaid and the brown leather trim looks delicious.  This just screams, "I'm the perfect fall accessory...please buy me!"  So, I plan to happily oblige and order this clutch on Friday.  My rationale is that my paycheck will have an added bonus included from some of my summer work, so I deserve to treat myself!  Review to come as soon as I receive it :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Climate Control Weekend

After the rain rolled in for most of the day on Saturday, the temperature significantly cooled off.  I figured it was the perfect opportunity to finally wear my Climate Control Cardi that I picked up on sale last month.  It's been hanging on the outside of my closet ever since just waiting to be worn.  I've been admiring it's brilliant turquoise shade and am so glad the weather finally cooperated enough for me to wear it. 

In fact, I was so delighted to finally wear it that I wore it two days in a row!

Saturday night for dinner out with my husband:
Cardigan: Anthropologie Climate Control Cardi (on sale, but sold out online)
Dress: LOFT Outlet
Cami: The Limited
Shoes: Peep Toe Espadrille Flats via Payless
Necklace: Anthropologie Kusari Necklace
Bracelets: Anthropologie Paper Origin bracelet
Watch: TOKYObay Oversized Boyfriend Watch via Garnett Hill (other colors here)

Today during an afternoon of running errands and grocery shopping:
Cardigan: Anthropologie Climate Control Cardi
Tank: Anthropologie Cygnus Tank
Jeans: Calvin Klein Boyfriend Denim Capris via Macys
Flip Flops: Bass Outlet
Earrings: Banana Republic Outlet
Watch & Bracelets: Same as first outfit

Target was one of my stops during my afternoon of running errands.  I picked up "The Help" after hearing so much hype about both the movie and the book.  My plan is to read the book and then go see the movie!  I heard the movie has a lot of to-die-for vintage outfits and dresses....can't wait to see it!  Has anyone else read the book and/or seen the movie yet?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best Anthro Sale Score Ever! {plus weekend ramblings}

This weekend my husband and I went to the Cleveland area to visit my parents, brother, and some friends.  On Saturday we did a little bit of shopping.  We stopped in at the Anthro closest to my parents' house because I had a couple returns to make.  Since we had several places to go and not much time before we were supposed to meet up with my brother for his birthday, I promised my husband I was only going to run in to return my items and just glance in the sale room.  You see, I was secretly hoping that the Ardennes Skirt (which I had bought online at full price, but then returned to this location back in the beginning of April) might still be in the sale room.  It was a long shot, since it had been marked down 3 times since it hit sale months ago, but I really wanted it back after seeing so many lovely bloggers wear it so well!  As soon as I stepped into the sale room, I spotted it!  I was so excited to see it really was still there 4 and a half months later!!  The only bad thing is the skirt is very delicate and you could tell it had see a lot of wear and tear (via numerous try-ons and customers digging through the racks).  There is a tear in the seam right below where the zipper stops and many lose threads.  Due to the damage, I was able to get an extra 20% off...bring my total to $15.97 + tax.  The original price was $128, so that means I got an 87.5% discount!!  BEST ANTHRO SALE SCORE EVER!!!
Before I can actully wear this skirt, I'm going to get the minor damages repaired.  Luckily, my mother in law is an excellent seamstress and I'm sure she can easily fix this up like new!  For now, here's a sneak peak.

A new Anthro recently opened in the Cleveland's actually not too far out of the way on our way back to Michigan.  I was bound and determined to convince my husband to let me stop at this Anthro too.  Well, I admit, I bribed him a little.... After hearing some of our friends and family rave about Five Guys burgers, he really wanted to go.  I'm really not a burger eater, so it wasn't my first choice for lunch.  But, after seeing that there is one right by the newest Anthro, I suggested that we go to Five Guys for lunch today and that I would buy if he let me go in and try some things on in Anthro.  He quickly agreed and it was a win-win situation!  That's what marriage is all about...compromise (and a little bribery now and then :)  Haha!
Plus, I'm really glad we ended up trying Five Guys.  It was delicious.  Seriously, now I understand what all the hype is about.  I don't usually care for burgers, but I devoured this one.  So good!!  Definitely check it out if you haven't been before. 
Anyway, the new Anthro store was great!  It's in Crocker Park on the west side of Cleveland.  I tried on a few things (I'll post some pics tomorrow), almost bought one full-price item, but was a good girl and restrained.  The sale section was pretty decent.  I just did a quick run-through since I was trying to be a nice wife and not make him wait forever for me.  I guess I used all my Anthro sale-section luck on the Ardennes skirt yesterday.  A few items jumped out at me (only because I either already own or have tried on all these items?!)  Anyway, if you are looking for the Sailboat skirt (size 0,2, or 4), Readymade dress (size 0,2 & either 4 or 6), or Gauzy Tiers skirt in navy and white in every size except large or x-large give them a call!

What was your Best Anthro Sale Score Ever???

Thursday, August 11, 2011

OOTD: Vintage J. Crew

Okay, my outfit isn't technically made up of vintage J. Crew items.  However, the skirt is about 4-5 years old and this is the last time I remember seeing a skirt this length, shape, as brightly colored, or with pockets at J. Crew.  So, in my opinion, that makes it darn near vintage!  And although the tee is a new purchase, it actually says "vintage" on there you go!

Tee: J. Crew outlet
Skirt: J. Crew (circa 2007?)
Shoes: Anthropologie Strappy Stepper Shoes
Bracelets: Anthropologie Paper Origin Bracelet 

I think I've talked about these shoes before, but I just gotta say again how much I love them!  Cute details and comfortable enough to wear all day.  I'm going to wear them as much as possible before it gets too cold for sandals!
What spring/summer item(s) do you plan on wearing a lot before it gets too cold out???

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage look-alike {add another to the fall wishlist}

I don't know why or how, but I started receiving catalogs from Garnett Hill about a year or so ago.  I've seen several cute things, but never ordered anything until about a months ago during their summer sale & clearance.  I was pleasantly surprised with the items I bought (this, this, & this).  They are all what I would consider well-made and high quality.  Plus, they had great customer service and fast shipping. Some new fall items were recently added and I am drooling over this skirt:
I'm a total sucker for floral patterns and when you throw in the vintage twist, I'm hooked.  Love the way they styled it here too....I'm already dreaming up fall outfits with tights, boots, and cardis.
At first sight the print immediately reminded me of several semi-recent Anthro items.

Verdant Slip Dress

Decade-By-Decade Skirt

I loved the print of both of these pretty Anthro items, but sadly the shape/fit didn't work out for me on either.  Now, instead of green/mint I'm drawn to the fall appeal of the rusty orange. 

Do any of you receive Garnett Hill catalogs?  Have you ever ordered anything from them?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OOTD: Open Agenda Day

Some may recall I blogged last month about Ruche sending me the wrong skirt.  As I was waiting for the correct skirt to arrive I created many styling options on Polyvor, as seen in this post.  As I was falling asleep last night I decided I was finally going to wear this pretty floral skirt!  My look is very similar to the first polyvor set because I wanted to wear my new Open Agenda Wedges that I finally tracked down!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Belt: J. Crew Rope Belt

And here are a few pics I took with my phone when I first got these shoes last week.  Love the unique cut-out and how cute is the floral lining???  Heel height is perfect and they really are very comfortable.  My only complaint is that they are a little more pink than I thought they'd be....I expected a vibrant coral.  Oh well, still pretty enough to keep.

I also found them on the Shelly's London website.  The style is called "cheesecake" and in addition to the coral (aka pink) color, they also come in black, tan, and yellow.  Plus, they're now on sale at both Anthropologie and at Shelly's London.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pre-Fall Wishlist

Due to the fact that I work in education and am enjoying my laid back summer with minimal work, I am definitely not ready for summer to end!  However, I am getting excited about my favorite season coming up.  Fall clothes/accessories are my favorite!  Not to mention the fact that I love cooler autumn temps!  Here's what's currently on my pre-fall wishlist.

Ihrin Shirtdress - Such a classic, chic looking shirtdress.  I love both colors though - it would be hard to decide which one to get!

Tupelo Dress - *I may or may not have already caved on this one*

Stash Away Cardi - Love the pockets!  Yellow is my first choice, but depending on how bright the yellow is in person, the grey may be a better neutral wardrobe staple.

Anza Cardi  I'm drawn to the mustard color, but there are 4 other lovely colors too!

Loosened Shelby Blouse - I have the original version of this blouse (then called the Eastpointe Garden top) in the blue floral motif and I LOVE it.  Both of these prints are adorable, so I'd like to add another one of these fabulous blouses to my closet!

Dots Within Blouse - This reminds me of last winter's Precious Particulars Blouse, which I really liked and almost picked up when I saw a popback.  I'm glad I waited though because I like this version's print and design (no buttons or collar) much better!

Last Blooming Skirt - This isn't really a true fall item, but the more I look at it the most I feel like I really need it.  Hopefully it goes on sale soon!

I can't wait to see what kinds of cute tights Anthro will release for fall/winter....can't wait to wear tights again!  I'd also love to see some more cute cardis - some of you may have noticed I'm addicted to them! 

What Fall items are you most looking forward to?