Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OOTD: Open Agenda Day

Some may recall I blogged last month about Ruche sending me the wrong skirt.  As I was waiting for the correct skirt to arrive I created many styling options on Polyvor, as seen in this post.  As I was falling asleep last night I decided I was finally going to wear this pretty floral skirt!  My look is very similar to the first polyvor set because I wanted to wear my new Open Agenda Wedges that I finally tracked down!

Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Belt: J. Crew Rope Belt

And here are a few pics I took with my phone when I first got these shoes last week.  Love the unique cut-out and how cute is the floral lining???  Heel height is perfect and they really are very comfortable.  My only complaint is that they are a little more pink than I thought they'd be....I expected a vibrant coral.  Oh well, still pretty enough to keep.

I also found them on the Shelly's London website.  The style is called "cheesecake" and in addition to the coral (aka pink) color, they also come in black, tan, and yellow.  Plus, they're now on sale at both Anthropologie and at Shelly's London.

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