Sunday, August 14, 2011

Best Anthro Sale Score Ever! {plus weekend ramblings}

This weekend my husband and I went to the Cleveland area to visit my parents, brother, and some friends.  On Saturday we did a little bit of shopping.  We stopped in at the Anthro closest to my parents' house because I had a couple returns to make.  Since we had several places to go and not much time before we were supposed to meet up with my brother for his birthday, I promised my husband I was only going to run in to return my items and just glance in the sale room.  You see, I was secretly hoping that the Ardennes Skirt (which I had bought online at full price, but then returned to this location back in the beginning of April) might still be in the sale room.  It was a long shot, since it had been marked down 3 times since it hit sale months ago, but I really wanted it back after seeing so many lovely bloggers wear it so well!  As soon as I stepped into the sale room, I spotted it!  I was so excited to see it really was still there 4 and a half months later!!  The only bad thing is the skirt is very delicate and you could tell it had see a lot of wear and tear (via numerous try-ons and customers digging through the racks).  There is a tear in the seam right below where the zipper stops and many lose threads.  Due to the damage, I was able to get an extra 20% off...bring my total to $15.97 + tax.  The original price was $128, so that means I got an 87.5% discount!!  BEST ANTHRO SALE SCORE EVER!!!
Before I can actully wear this skirt, I'm going to get the minor damages repaired.  Luckily, my mother in law is an excellent seamstress and I'm sure she can easily fix this up like new!  For now, here's a sneak peak.

A new Anthro recently opened in the Cleveland's actually not too far out of the way on our way back to Michigan.  I was bound and determined to convince my husband to let me stop at this Anthro too.  Well, I admit, I bribed him a little.... After hearing some of our friends and family rave about Five Guys burgers, he really wanted to go.  I'm really not a burger eater, so it wasn't my first choice for lunch.  But, after seeing that there is one right by the newest Anthro, I suggested that we go to Five Guys for lunch today and that I would buy if he let me go in and try some things on in Anthro.  He quickly agreed and it was a win-win situation!  That's what marriage is all about...compromise (and a little bribery now and then :)  Haha!
Plus, I'm really glad we ended up trying Five Guys.  It was delicious.  Seriously, now I understand what all the hype is about.  I don't usually care for burgers, but I devoured this one.  So good!!  Definitely check it out if you haven't been before. 
Anyway, the new Anthro store was great!  It's in Crocker Park on the west side of Cleveland.  I tried on a few things (I'll post some pics tomorrow), almost bought one full-price item, but was a good girl and restrained.  The sale section was pretty decent.  I just did a quick run-through since I was trying to be a nice wife and not make him wait forever for me.  I guess I used all my Anthro sale-section luck on the Ardennes skirt yesterday.  A few items jumped out at me (only because I either already own or have tried on all these items?!)  Anyway, if you are looking for the Sailboat skirt (size 0,2, or 4), Readymade dress (size 0,2 & either 4 or 6), or Gauzy Tiers skirt in navy and white in every size except large or x-large give them a call!

What was your Best Anthro Sale Score Ever???

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