Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage look-alike {add another to the fall wishlist}

I don't know why or how, but I started receiving catalogs from Garnett Hill about a year or so ago.  I've seen several cute things, but never ordered anything until about a months ago during their summer sale & clearance.  I was pleasantly surprised with the items I bought (this, this, & this).  They are all what I would consider well-made and high quality.  Plus, they had great customer service and fast shipping. Some new fall items were recently added and I am drooling over this skirt:
I'm a total sucker for floral patterns and when you throw in the vintage twist, I'm hooked.  Love the way they styled it here too....I'm already dreaming up fall outfits with tights, boots, and cardis.
At first sight the print immediately reminded me of several semi-recent Anthro items.

Verdant Slip Dress

Decade-By-Decade Skirt

I loved the print of both of these pretty Anthro items, but sadly the shape/fit didn't work out for me on either.  Now, instead of green/mint I'm drawn to the fall appeal of the rusty orange. 

Do any of you receive Garnett Hill catalogs?  Have you ever ordered anything from them?

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  1. I received my first Garnett Hill catalog a few months ago, but haven't gotten another one since. I really like some of their stuff and I'm glad to hear you were happy with the items you bought and the customer service experience. I just might have to visit their website right now :)