Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dreaming of floral skirt combos.....

I've been on summer break for 2 weeks now and I'm definitely on summer time schedule!  I've been staying up late and sleeping in late.  Need to break this habit next week as I'll be starting to work summer session on Thursday.

Last night I was playing with polyvore in the wee hours of the night (er, morning).  I had no idea that it was set to post to my every single item I imported into polyvore last night got posted as a separate post!  Sorry!  As soon as I realized it I went an deleted them all and figured out how to undo it for the future...

Here's what I was working on last night.....styling ideas for my much anticipated Flowers of the Field Floral Skirt from Ruche.  After the mix-up of sending me the completely wrong skirt, customer service sent out the correct skirt as soon as I confirmed that I shipped back the wrong one.  Plus, they were nice enough to email me a 10% coupon code for my next order.  However, I'm a little perturbed that they sent the package first class mail rather than the usual priority mail!  In my opinion, they should have upgraded the shipping rather than downgraded it in order to try to make up for THEIR mistake!  So I'm still anxiously waiting for the skirt to arrive.....I sure hope it fits after all this!!!
Here are some styling ideas I came up with in the middle of the night:

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