Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anthro Review: Endive Hoodie

I ordered the Endive Hoodie on a whim last week only because I needed another item in order to meet the $150 minimum for free shipping.  Turns out it's the only item I ended up getting because the other thing got cancelled!  :(  But, more on that later.....

The feminine details are what attracted me to this hoodie.  I am a hoodie lover, but all the hoodies I currently have are very casual (think college logos or just plain colors) so this one seemed to fill the void in my closet for a feminine fashionable hoodie.

Outfit details:  Tee-Banana Republic Outlet, Jeans-Calvin Klein Boyfriend, Flip Flops- Bass Outlet, Necklace- Lucky Brand

This fits true to size.  For reference, I'm wearing a size large.
The color is not what I expected.  It is definitely not a true ivory as it appears in the product shot on Anthro's website.  I would describe it more as a sandy or bone off-white color.  It's nearly identical to the Maryam Tank in the sand color.  I think I would have liked this more if it were a true ivory, but this color isn't bad and it is growing on me.  On the plus side, it probably wouldn't get dirty as easily as white or ivory would.

I love how the eyelet detail points down into a v-shape on the shoulders.  The hood part does not have a drawstring.  I really like this because I feel it looks more polished without the hanging ties that most hoodies have.

Here's my attempt at a closeup of the eyelet details.  The stitching in the middle of the cutouts resemble flowers...but you can see this more clearly by looking at the closeup on the website. 

As you can see above, the pockets are in an odd spot....they are a little higher than what I'm used to on hoodies.  This is probably one of my biggest complaints.  The pockets would be more comfortable if they were lower and not so far over to the side.
The material is a nice, substantial weight.  This is definitely not a lightweight hoodie, but it is not too think and bulky either.  It's 100% cotton!  And it's very soft and comfortable!  I like the fact that the cotton (even the eyelet details) is very sturdy.  It's not too delicate, so I would not be afraid of it ripping easily.   
The zipper has a nice pull tie with a lace-like detail.  The same lacey detail trims either size of the zipper all the way down.  It's also along the shoulders and below the eyelet detail.  This adds to the feminine charm of this hoodie.  Oh, and the zipper is metal and seems to be of high quality.

Verdict:  Initially I planned to definitely return this.  Afterall, I don't really need it.  Plus, although it's cute and well-made, $88 is pretty steep for a hoodie.  However, the longer I wore it (to take photos and review it), the more it has grown on me.  Who knows, I may just keep it after all.......
Either way, it's going to be a while before I make it to a store to return it (I don't want to pay the money to ship it back!), so I will mill it over until then.

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