Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OOTD + the upcoming snow slam!

Hi readers!  Well, if you live in the midwest you obviously already know about the upcoming dreaded snowstorm.  Our news stations have been talking it up for the past few days.  Everyone seems to be in a state of panic.  Monday is our normal grocery shopping day and we like it because it's usually not very crowded.  However, when we got there yesterday it was jam packed!  Why do people freak out and feel the need to stock up on groceries because of a snow storm?!  Come on people, you may not be able to safely leave your house for 1, maybe 2 days...it's not THAT big of a deal.  I can understand running to the store for shovels, snow plows, salt, etc. but is it really necessary to buy up all the bread, milk, etc???  Like you're going to be stuck in your house for weeks and possibly starve to death??  Haha!
Anyway, everyone at school today was abuzz about the upcoming storm.  Teachers and school faculty get way more excited about an anticipated snow day than the students do!  The elementary teachers' ritual to try to ensure a snow day is to sleep with their pajamas inside out, put a white crayon in the freezer and flush 2 ice cubes down the toilet the night before..lol!  Any other teachers out there know about this superstitious tradition or did the teachers I work with just make it up?  By the sounds of it, we won't even need to do any of that...it appears that a snow day is definitely in the cards for tomorrow.

I almost left the house this morning in this outfit, but with a black belt and black flats.  At the last minute I thought "Are you crazy?  Is it really a smart idea to wear flats with tights in the snow today?"  So, I quickly decided to change into my boots and swaped the black belt for this cognac one.  I normally get scared of wearing brown with black/grey, but I threw those rules to the wind today in order to keep my legs comfy, warm, and dry.  And I think it ended up looking pretty nice.  :)
Cardigan: H&M (really old)
Blouse: Banana Republic Outlet (Fall 2010)
Belt: LOFT (Summer 2010)
Tights: Anthropologie Dotty Clusters Tights
Boots: Steve Madden Intyce (herehere, or here)

To everyone affected by the blizzard of 2011 - be safe if you absolutely have to venture out in it!  Otherwise, enjoy your snow day!


  1. Thanks for the comment and YEA! for your snow day being called ALREADY. I'm sitting here wishing and hoping. I have the suede Merona wedges too and I LOVE them. They are really stepping up their shoes.

    I love the volume in this skirt and your top is adorable. Nice to "meet" you! :)

  2. Crikey stay safe in the snow when it arrives!