Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Wish List Continues to Grow.......

We had another snow day today.  I watched more episodes of Grey's Anatomy on instant Netflix (I stopped watching last season and now I'm trying to catch up!), did a little bit of organizing, and caught up on some blogs.  My husband and I decided to go out to eat since we hadn't left the house in 2 days.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, but it was packed!!  So, we ended up at our favorite local Mexican restaurant...yummy!  This evening I've mostly been brousing the Anthropologie website (in between watching The Office).  I was drawn to some new items and some older ones that I just hadn't noticed before.  My plan is to make a trip to the closest store this coming Monday so I can check some of these things out in real life!

Dots After Six Skirt - $148
A colorful a-line skirt with polka dots and a bow!?!  Plus, it appears not to be too short.  What's not to like?  I can only hope that it's as adorable on me as it is in the product shot!

Sail Shapes Dress - $158
I recently saw Kim try on this dress and it looked adorable.  This dress seems to have just popped up online today.  I love the shape of this.  You can't really tell in the photo, but it's a navy and red checkered print...adorable!  Can't wait to try this on!

Emerging Leaves Dress -$138
Many bloggers have reviewed this one recently.  I've been digging yellow this year, plus I really need more printed dresses in my wardrobe.  I love the leaf print and feminine biggest fear is that it may be too short in real life.

Miss Swiss Corset Dress - $168
This really isn't the typical style I'm drawn to, but this one just intrigues me.  I really doubt the corset top style will look very good on me, but I think this could easily be worn more as a skirt with cardigans or blouses layered over the top.  The pinstripes, lace, and colorful pink lace hemline are really really pretty!  Hoping my local store has this in stock so I can check it out!!

Gleaming Slow Poke Necklace - $38
I love turtles and I love necklaces.  What else is there to say?

Pacific Drift Necklace - $42
I seem to be drawn to statement necklaces with a circular pendent.  Plus, I love pieces with natural stones. 

Colossal Bow Barrette - $38
I've been looking for a cute hair barrette so I can wear my hair half-up more often.  The bow is just adorable and I'm a big fan of anything tortoiseshell.

Primavera Drops - $48
Soft spring colors (I'm really loving mint green and purple lately) and the vintage appeal make me keep staring at these.  Hoping the size isn't too overwhelming in real life because huge statement earrings really aren't my style.

Stoplight Drops - $198
On the wishlist because I wish I could actually afford these, but alas, they're way out of my price range.  Can't hurt to admirer them from afar though.  So timeless and chic.  Such soft pretty colors.  *Sigh*  Do you think there is even a chance these would ever make 2nd or 3rd cut sale???

Diamonds-Of-Dots Scarf - $48
The pattern reminds me of the Dotty Clusters tights with the polka dots in triangular patterns.  I'm a sucker for green and I haven't seen a scarf I love in a long time.....this could be worth the wait.

In The Wind Scarf - $38
Another scarf I really like, although not nearly as much as the one above.  I'll keep it on the wishlist in case of sale though.  Such a pretty pink pattern for spring and summer!

Strappy Stepper Shoes - $138
These appear to be the perfect feminine chic dressy sandals.  Gorgeous brown color, brass stud details, bow on the ankle strap, and a unique back zipper = PERFECT.  I don't feel comfortable wearing more than 2-2.5 inch heels, so they look to be the perfect height for me too!  I could imagine pairing these with almost every spring/summer dress and skirt I own!  They aren't in stock yet online....I'm wondering if these will be popular and go fast or if they would make it to sale in my size?  I'll have to keep a close eye on these so I don't miss out!

Wow, I really did add a lot to my wishlist today!!  I really like doing posts like this - it's just enjoyable and relaxing for me!  Plus, I really enjoy seeing other people's wish lists and reading why they like each item.  It is fun to look at the eye candy and I also enjoy seeing an up-close look at items I may not have otherwise noticed. 
Do you like reading posts like this or do you find it boring just to see what others are liking?  You can be honest, you won't offend me!!! 

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  1. I saw that Anna Sui skirt too, and my eyes immediately popped. It will one day be mine!