Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ruffles and Ribbons and Bows, oh my!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  I've been off since Wednesday and I must admit, I've been pretty lazy the past couple of days.  We stayed in town and spent Thanksgiving with my husband's family.  This is the first year ever that I haven't gone to my parents' house for turkey day.  It felt kind of strange, but at the same time it was nice to relax Wednesday evening instead of making the long drive and fighting traffic.  I didn't leave the house on Black Friday other than to go to dinner and a movie with husband.  We saw "Due Date."  There were some funny parts and it was nice to get out of the house, but we both agreed it wasn't really worth the $8.50 per ticket.  Oh well!  Today was another lazy day (it's too cold and windy to venture out!)  I was naughty and did some online shopping today for myself (I couldn't resist a couple major deals!).  I'll be posting more about those purchases later....

During my lazy internet-surfing-filled last few days, I realized that I don't own a navy pair of shoes and I NEED some.  I'd prefer some navy flats.  Lately I've been wearing more heels, but I still mostly wear flats.  Seems that lately I've been wearing a lot of outfits with navy or that would look good with navy shoes.
So, I stalked out Zappos the other day searching for a cute pair.  Out of 59 navy flats, these are the ones that jumped out at me........

Cute, right???  The ruffled ribbon, the adorable bow, and the detail on the toe?  These are the navy flats I've been dreaming of!  Then I caught a glance at the price.........on SALE for $360!?!?  *sigh* Guess my quest for the perfect navy flats continues...but after seeing these I don't know if anything will compare!  Any recommendations for cute navy flats?  Or better yet, has anyone seen anything similar to these, only WAY cheaper?

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