Thursday, September 8, 2011

A quick hoot-lo

I started back at work last week for teacher/staff PD and work days and then school officially started the day after Labor Day.  Needless to say, these past two weeks have been so busy and very tiring!  My body has yet to snap out of my "summer time" schedule, which means I've been staying up really late and then end up hitting the snooze eight million times trying to avoid getting up early!  Funny thing is, even after being tired all day, once a reasonable bedtime rolls around I'm not even tired and stay up late once again!!  And so the cycle has continued for almost 2 weeks.....I really need to force myself to adjust so I'm not so exhausted at 6am!  I've been so tired when I got home that I haven't been taking outfit pics, but today I forced myself.  Hopefully this is the start of getting back into a routine.

Skirt: TJ Maxx
Top: Banana Republic Outlet
Cardi: Target
Flats: via Sears
Necklace: LOFT Outlet

My corny post title refers to this little owl necklace I picked up on sale at LOFT outlet a few weeks ago.
I'd been wanting some type of owl jewelry for a while now and had seen many while brousing online.  I found this one to be the cutest one I'd seen, plus it was cheap, so it was a no brainer.

It went from being 95 last Friday, down to the 60s/low 70s this week.  I am loving the cooler weather and it really has officially made it seem like fall here.  A teeny tiny part of me hopes it will warm back up just for a few days so I can get a final wear out of a couple skirts/dresses that I consider spring/summer only.  However, mostly I'm just excited to finally start wearing cardis, fall colors, and tights!!!  Are you excited for the fall weather or do you wish that summer would stick around a little longer???

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  1. I love this outfit! Could you do a post on how you pick outfits and combine elements/colors/etc? Summer doesn't seem like it should be over, I'm a baker and I'm not ready to start cooking with pumpkin and sweet potatoes yet!