Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tupelo Celebration

Hello everyone!  Sorry about my extended absence.  Like many other bloggers, after hearing about the big Anthroholic scandal I felt I needed a little break from blogging to think about why I started this blog in the first place and where I want to take it from here.  I'll explain more of my reflections at a later time, but for now I'd like to share an outfit and some pictures.  Exactly two weeks ago (September 25th), my husband and I celebrated our 1st anniversary.  We went to Mackinac Island for the weekend.  Here's what I wore out for our anniversary dinner:
Dress: Anthropologie Tupelo Dress
Cardigan: Anthropologie Anza Cardi
Tights: Simply Vera via Kohls
Bag: Modcloth September Trip Satchel

There are no cars or any motorized vehicles allowed on Mackinac Island, so everyone rides bikes or rides in horse drawn carriages.  The restaurant we went to was set back in the middle of the island in the woods (appropriately called The Woods), so we took a nice carriage ride to get there.  When I called to make the reservation, I had mentioned it was our anniversary only because I wanted to request a nice romantic table in a quiet area of the restaurant.  When we arrived, we were indeed escorted to a nice little table that was up on a platform overlooking the rest of the restaurant.  It definitely was a very romantic and delicious dinner.  Just when we thought things couldn't possibly get any better, our waiter surprised us with this:
Yes, it was just as delectable as it was beautiful!

Our trip away was just what I needed to snap me out of the "funk" I'd been in for the past few weeks.  The fall weather was gorgeous, the island was so quiet and peaceful, and most importantly it was so nice to spend the day alone with my husband being stress-free and just enjoying each other's company.  Here are some more pics from our trip.

View of the island from the mainland before we took the ferry over:

Bike trail around the island:

View of the Mackinac Bridge:

Some views of downtown Mackinac Island from our hotel room balcony:

Some views from up on the east bluff of the island:

The elevator door inside our hotel (I thought it was so pretty & unique I just couldn't resist sharing!):
Our hotel at night:

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  1. What a great anniversary weekend! I am a former Michigan girl and I *LOVE* Mackinac Island. Haven't been there in so many years, but I'm dying to go back for a visit!