Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Budget Reflections + a TRUE Wishlist

Hello again!  One thing I reflected a lot about during the past month is my budget.  This was a direct result of the personal shopper scandal after seeing so many other bloggers and blog commenters talking about responsible spending.  A couple of posts really stood out and had a huge impact on me.  One is Roxy's post describing her personal budget strategies.  After reading this (and many of the comments) I've started to try out some of the tips and look forward to coming up with some unique budget strategies of my own to keep my spending in check!    The other is Jess' post - it is so insightful and really inspired me to stop and think about my spending and what consumerism means to me.  In her post, she writes: " For those of us who are mere spectators dealing with the aftershock, why not seize this moment for contemplation and self-critique?"  And so, that's exactly what I did.

I admit, I have gotten a little carried away in consumerism.  Material things have become a bigger obsession to me than they should be.  Plus, I haven't been sticking to a strict enough budget, especially for this time in my life.  My husband and I are saving up for a move, to buy a house, and to start a family in the near future.  I need to start being more responsible and saving away money for that rathing that spending it on material things.  After all, although fashion and pretty things are a legitimate interest of mine, they aren't as important as family and building our future.  So, step one is a stricter budget for myself. 

I thought long and hard about why I started this blog and the simple reason is - I started it as a hobby and to share my love of pretty things with others who also appreciate them.  Throughout that process (and after starting to read other fashion blogs), I did get a little carried away with consumerism and shopping.  Although I'm in no way happy about the misfortunes of those affected by the personal shopping scandal, I am grateful that it caused a series of reactions that forced me to step back and take a look at myself, my consumerism, and how that relates to my blog.  My goal for my blog from here on out is to continue to share my love of pretty things (including Anthropologie!), but also to document my journey toward budgeting more responsibly.  In the near future, I'd like to run posts about stategies I've implemented to keep my budget in check (many inspired by Roxy's post) and also how to make the best out of what I have in my closet already (I plan on participating in the 30 for 30 this Fall!)  In addition, I want to share other aspects of my life besides fashion.  After all, I do have other interests besides clothes and accessories (such as traveling, music, food and wine, & crafting) - all of which I'd also like to share with my readers.  I hope that's okay with you all!  :)

In keeping with the spirit of continuing to share my love of pretty things (and keeping on a budget!), I'd like to present you with my TRUE Wishlist.  It's a TRUE Wishlist because the following are items I'm lusting over, but I'm not breaking my strict budget to buy them!  Instead, I will pass my wishlist along to others and maybe some of my wishes will come true this upcoming birthday and holiday season! 

Surprisingly, there are only a few Anthro items on my wishlist right now:

Love it because it's so sophisticated-chic, but the polka dots add a splash of fun!

Looks like something Emma Pillsbury would wear and therefore, I love it.

Love the color of the stripes and the button details.  Plus, it looks soft and comfy for casual days.

And these are the non-Anthro items that are on the other part of my current wishlist:

I have these in cognac and LOVE them, so I think these would fill my black-boot void nicely.

This one just jumped out at me when I broused the J. Crew catalog.  Love the color, plus I'd really like a bright colored winter coat since all I have are neutral (cream, grey, black) winter coats.

Anyway, thanks for reading my "reflections" and I hope you'll stick with me as my blog transitions into a representation of more thoughtful consumerism while continuing to share all things that are pretty, vintage, and chic.

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  1. I love all your wish list items. The polka dot satchel is adorable!!